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Terrapins cruise to Bay title

Published Oct. 7, 2005

Tampa Prep and Shorecrest entered the Bay Conference Championship with identical records (21-3) but not-so-identical identities.

The Terrapins are ranked No. 2 in the Class 3A state poll. Shorecrest, despite posting an impressive record, has yet to break into the Class 2A state poll.

The difference showed.

Tampa Prep rolled to a 15-2, 15-9 victory, playing mostly its second team in the second game.

"We're a much stronger team," Tampa Prep coach Carol Chalu said. "I wanted to get the second team in there to see some action. I think our second team can play even better. They came into the second game cold while Shorecrest had its first team in that had already played one game."

The Chargers took a 9-6 lead in the final game, behind the play of middle hitter Heather Bradley and setter Sheila Chacko. But the Terrapins took command when Sarah Peifer served on the last nine points. Peifer also led Tampa Prep with five kills. Others who contributed were Shirley Smiekel with 17 assists and Regina Graham with four kills.

"I think Regina Graham had a pretty strong game," Chalu said. "She's our second most powerful hitter behind Peifer. Regina started to gain strength after her first two hits went wide _ real wide. But she always starts out like that. Next year, she will be ready to perform."