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Helpful hints for home and garden

(ran HP, HL, HS editions)

Vacuum draperies regularly. Folds in the fabric will catch dust that can weaken the fibers, and the fabric will not have to be cleaned as often.

Lubricate garden tools with moving parts. Oil pivot points and hinged sections lightly; wipe off excess to avoid building up a sticky gum that will attract dirt.

Keep lettuce crisp. Separate leaves and soak in ice cold water for 20 minutes. Drain on paper towels and dry in lettuce spinner. Place leaves in plastic bag with a paper towel; squeeze out excess air and refrigerate.

Avoid storing summer clothes in attics and basements. Humidity promotes mildew that attacks fibers in fabrics.

When you clean up your garden for the winter, record information such as types of plants, number and location and their progress. This will take away the guess work when selecting plants next year.

When pruning shrubs or weeding, place debris on an overturned trash can lid. Dump into can or compost pile when lid is full.

Spray lemon-scented furniture polish on the inside of your kitchen trash container. When garbage bag is full, it will slide out more easily.