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Look what turned up

Mrs. Eleonore Fraser, a number of readers responded to your request for the outdoor mats made of old tires. A reader in Tampa found some at the Webster Flea Market, about 30 miles north of Tampa (open Mondays only). You don't have to leave home to get them, though. Several readers refer you to the Vermont Country Store, Mail Order Office, P.O. Box 3000, Manchester Center, VT 05255-3000, (802) 362-2400. They come in two sizes, 29 by 20 inches (item no. 17924) and 36 by 24 inches (item no. 17925). They're $22.95 and $28.95 respectively, plus shipping. Readers, we're told that this catalog offers hundreds of items not found elsewhere. Please take note.

Other sources sent in by readers are Walter Drake and Sons and Miles Kimball, two catalog companies to which we've referred you before. For copies of their catalogs, contact Walter Drake at Drake Building, Colorado Springs, CO 80940-0002, (800) 525-9291 and Miles Kimball at 41 W Eighth Ave., Oshkosh, WI 54906, (414) 231-4886.

Mrs. Mary A. Dabrowski of Spring Hill, both of the above catalogs also carry clip-on bed lamps. In the meantime, several offers from readers have been forwarded to you.

Anastasia Glagola of St. Petersburg, who accidentally melted a plastic lid on her electric burner, is offered this advice by Andrea S. Perry of St. Petersburg. She writes that according to the Consumer Reports book How to Clean Practically Anything, "electric elements are all self-cleaning since spills burn off quickly. . .Having done just what you did once myself, I recommend that you scrape and scour it until you're about to lose your arms, then turn on the overhead fan and the element and just stand back until the smoking is over." She adds that soaking your electric element in water is not an option. Also, if you have smoke detectors in your home, consider disconnecting them temporarily before proceeding with the above.

E. Aileen Mowat of Clearwater, we can now pass on several sources for albums to display old postcards. The trusty Miles Kimball catalog referred to above has them. Adele Kagan of Brooksville suggests The Washington Press, publishers, 2 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932, (201) 966-0001. It sells a line of products for stamp collectors in addition to a binder with clear acetate sleeves for displaying postcards. Adele has used them for over 30 years.

A reader in Largo writes that 20th Century Plastics, P.O. Box 2393, Brea, CA 92622, (800) 767-0777, is an "excellent source for all sizes of sleeve-page storage, postcards included."

Dot Breiner of Palm Harbor suggests buying an 8{- by 11-inch album with the full-page clear magnetic sheets that you slip your photos or postcards under. She buys hers at Dunedin 5 and 10, 906 Curlew Road, Dunedin.

Andrea S. Perry of St. Petersburg writes that her husband and her father before him purchased specially made sleeves with four pockets per page and filed them in regular three-ring binders. Note that this will work only with standard-size postcards. Camera stores often carry the sleeves, or they can order them for you.

Sleuthing around

A reader in Tampa is looking for a copy of a Nintendo game that was popular in the mid-'80s, The Adventures of Lolo.

Mavis Jolin in Spring Hill loves the music of the Carpenters. Several years ago she saw an ad on TV for cassette tapes of their music. Alas, she didn't write down the ordering information and has been unsuccessful in tracking them down. The tapes are not available in retail stores. Does anyone have them, or know where she can get them? Mavis also wonders whether anyone knows where she can get a copy of the made-for-TV movie on Karen Carpenter's life.

Mrs. H. J. Bard recently bought a Lowery Cotillion organ but has had no luck getting an instruction manual from the store. Does anyone have one for her?

Norma Madsen of Spring Hill writes that her organization would like to make hats and booties for newborn babies. She has patterns that use knitting worsted but is looking for patterns calling for baby yarn. Crocheted or knitted will do. Also, does anyone have ideas for making small favors for food trays to be given to patients?

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