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Religion Bestsellers

October 1994


An Angel To Watch Over Me -1- Catechism of the Catholic Church

By Joan W. Anderson Liquori, $19.95

Ballantine, $19

Catechism of the Catholic -2- History of God

Church By Karen Armstrong

Liguori, $29.95 Ballantine, $14

Never Alone -3- Where Angels Walk

By Joseph Girsone By Joan Anderson

Doubleday, $14.95 Ballantine $10

Soul Mates -4- Mere Christianity

By Thomas Moore By C.S. Lewis

HarperCollins, $25 Macmillan, $3.95

Angel Letters -5- Care of the Soul

By Sophie Burnham By Thomas Moore

Ballantine, $15 HarperPerennial, $12

The Book of Virtues -6- Ask Your Angels

By William J. Bennett By Alma Daniel

Simon & Schuster $27.50 Ballantine, $10

When God Doesn't Make Sense -7- Joshua

By James Dobson By Joseph Girzone

Tyndale, $17.99 Collier, $9.95

When God Whispers Your Name -8- The Screwtape Letters

By Max Lucado By C.S. Lewis

Word, $18.99 Macmillan, $2.95

Embraced by the Light -9- Planet Earth -- 2000 A.D.

By Betty J. Eadie By Hal Lindsey

Gold Leaf Press, $14.95 Western Front, $12.99

Jesus: A Revolutionary -10- The Tibetan Book of Living

Biography & Dying

By John Dominic Crossan By Sogyal Rinpoche

Harper San Francisco, $18 Haper San Francisco, $15

This list is compiled by Publishers Weekly magazine from data

received from general independent bookstores, chain stores and

wholesalers within the month of September.

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