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American "royalty' dines with Diana

Published Oct. 8, 2005

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tipper Gore and Gen. Colin Powell were among guests who dined on baked rockfish at a luncheon for Princess Diana at the British Embassy on Saturday.

British Ambassador Sir Robin Renwick and his wife, Lady Annie Renwick, hosted the event, which also was attended by Barbara Walters and former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, an embassy spokesman said.

The guests included former Virginia Gov. L. Doug Wilder, Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, actor Michael York, Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, and Italian Ambassador Boris Bincheri, the spokesman said.

The menu at the two-hour luncheon was artichoke salad, baked rockfish and chocolate mocha.

Diana was in Washington for the weekend as a guest of Brazilian Ambassador Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima and his wife, Lucia, who is a longtime friend.