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And Fussitarians are discriminating diners

Mike Blain of the Washington Free Press in Seattle has created a new lexicon for the subdivisions among selective eaters, as reported in Health magazine:

Poultarian: Doesn't eat meat, but eats chicken and turkey.

Piscesivore: Doesn't eat meat, but eats fish.

Molluskarian: Doesn't eat meat, but eats shellfish.

Van de Campist: Doesn't eat meat, but eats frozen fish sticks.

Spamivore: Doesn't eat meat, but eats.

Pepperonist: Doesn't eat meat, but eats whatever's on top of a pizza.

Unbovarian: Eats meat as long as it's not from a cow.

A decorum guide for restaurant excursions

There's a right way to eat out and a wrong way to eat out, and essayist Hal Rubenstein, self-proclaimed expert, provides a list of instructions in Interview's latest issue. We have chosen 10 commandments from the many:

1 "Clip your nose hairs the night before."

2 Upon being seated, take your shoes off.

3 Don't plan on dinner before another event, a movie or a concert. "Let the meal run its course," writes Rubenstein.

4 "Avoid talking about . . . any opening segment of Hard Copy."

5 In order to make good conversation, "Read the newspaper that day. Or at least watch Entertainment Tonight."

6 At the end of the meal, "don't loosen your belt and say things like "I'm stuffed.' "

7 A couple shalt not end the relationship in a restaurant.

8 Don't wear ruffles.

9 Don't ask the waiter whether a particular dish is good or whether you'll like it.

10 Don't touch the waiter.