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Garden club's growth pleases the eye

Published Oct. 8, 2005

Editor: In regard to the recent letter to the editor by Ken Brownlow, "Rapid economic growth has put county in peril," and the Bob Zaratzian guest cartoon of the same day that shows Oak Sound sold to Swiftmud:

Rapid growth can be depicted in various ways, such as our future land area of the Spring Hill Garden Club, Parker Avenue Gardens, which will be a place for Hernando County families to enjoy and learn about plants, trees and shrubs.

Just as I wrote to former Hernando Times editor Ned Barnett on July 10, 1989, regarding our beautiful waterfall _ "a flowering spring making the way to a new Florida life for thousands of Northerners" _ so, too, will our Parker Avenue Gardens be the same for all of us.

The Spring Hill Garden Club is not just another club. It is the leading group of people who work their hands for all of us. All are older folks who volunteer endlessly. The waterfall and Northcliffe Boulevard entrance glow and talk to people as they drive by and say welcome.

Several groups that gained from the effort of our hard-working people were builders and real estate folks. So very few of them contributed to the Spring Hill Garden Club, even though some understood how it was good for their business.

Rapid economic growth will endanger our water, school systems and many other areas. Most of us left those problems behind to live in Hernando County, where the only noise you hear is the sound of a mower or garbage truck.

Let's improve what we have. It will take money, time and good people. Happy living in Hernando County for all of us.

Emanuel Hirsch

Spring Hill

Rowdens' phone campaign has the ring of sleaziness

Editor: In my studied opinion, Diane and Jay Rowden's anti-Robinson telephone campaign is yet another example of their pettiness and vindictiveness. At best it is sleazy. At worst it is an invasion of privacy.

Let us all hope their effort backfires on them in every imaginable way.

I, for one, am phoning Nancy Robinson to offer my support. I also am phoning Jay Rowden to instruct him to remove my name and number from his list permanently, or I am prepared to file charges of invasion of privacy and harassment.

W.S. "Bill" Cope

Pine Island