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Calling all couch potatoes! We realize, with no baseball or hockey to blur your focus, you've turned all your attention this fall to pro and college football. So when better to rate the football sportscasters, on radio and TV, as well as give your opinions on a number of interesting issues. Complete the coupon at the bottom, mail it in, and we'll run the results of the poll in a couple of weeks.

1. Who is the best NFL play-by-play announcer?

A. Marv Albert, NBC

B. Gary Bender, TNT

C. Dick Enberg, NBC

D. Al Michaels, ABC

E. Mike Patrick, ESPN

F. Dick Stockton, FOX

G. Pat Summerall, FOX

2. Who is the best NFL analyst?

A. Pat Haden, TNT

B. John Madden, FOX

C. Bob Trumpy, NBC

D. Matt Millen, FOX

E. Paul Maguire, NBC

F. Joe Theismann, ESPN

3. Locally, who is the best lead sports anchor?

A. Bob Alvarez, WTOG (Ch.44)

B. Andy Hardy, WTVT (Ch. 13)

C. Al Keck, WTSP (Ch. 10)

D. Chris Thomas, WFLA (Ch. 8)

E. Dick Crippen, WFLA (Ch. 8)

4. Who is the best local sports reporter?

A. Dan Brady, WTVT (Ch. 13)

B. Chip Carter, WTVT (Ch. 13)

C. Jerry Johnson, WTSP (Ch. 10)

D. Tom Korun, WFLA (Ch. 8)

E. Dave Wirth, WTSP (Ch. 10)

5. Who is the best radio personality?

A. Scot Brantley, WFNS-AM 910

B. George Casteris, WFNS-AM 910

C. Steve Duemig, WFNS-AM 910

D. Hubert Mizell, WNZE-AM 820

E. Rock Riley, WFLA-AM 970

F. T.J. Rives, WFNS-AM 910

G. Tedd Webb, WFLA-AM 970

6. What NFL analyst has the biggest mouth?

A. Todd Christensen, NBC

B. Dan Dierforf, ABC

C. John Madden, FOX

D. Joe Theismann, ESPN

7. Among the state's pro teams, who are the best radio announcers?

A. Bill Zimpfer/Jim Mandich, Miami

B. Gene Deckerhoff/David Logan, Tampa Bay

8. Do you like the score clock Fox runs in the corner of the TV


A. Yes

B. No

9. Is it fair for this market to receive only two NFL games on TV

when the Bucs play at home?

A. Yes

B. No

10. Should Monday Night Football start at 8 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.?

A. Yes

B. No

11. Who is the best college football play-by-play announcer?

A. Brad Nessler, ESPN

B. Ron Franklin, ESPN

C. Keith Jackson, ABC

D. Brent Musburger, ABC

12. Who is the best college football analyst?

A. Gary Danielson, ESPN

B. Mike Gottfried, ESPN

C. Bob Griese, ABC

D. Dick Vermeil, ABC

13. Among the state's college teams, who are the best radio


A. Gene Deckerhoff/Vic Prinzi, FSU

B. Mick Huber/James Jones, UF

C. Sonny Hirsch/David Heffernan, UM

D. Keith Miles/Mike Thomas, FAMU

14. Does Notre Dame gain an unfair recruiting advantage by having

its own network contract?

A. Yes

B. No

15. Is pay-per-view a good idea for college football?

A. Yes

B. No

16. Does football create problems in your marital/romantic life?

A. Yes

B. No

17. Should WTVT-Ch. 13 retain Dan Brady or follow through with

plans to dismiss him?

A. Keep him.

B. Let him go.

18. Does this market lack a quality lead sports anchor?

A. Yes

B. No

19. Can two all-sports radio stations -- WFNS-AM 910 and WNZE-AM

820 -- survive in this market?

A. Yes

B. No

20. How much would you pay to watch the Super Bowl on pay-per-view?

A. Nothing

B. $10

C. $25

D. $50

E. More than $50