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Celtics' Ford upset with Douglas, team's other veterans

The Celtics may look at Nets discard David Wesley as a starter at guard as coach Chris Ford continues to be dissatisfied with the play of Sherman Douglas.

"It looks like this was pre-planned," Douglas said of a two-game benching last week in favor of Wesley, who spent his rookie year with the Nets after playing collegiately at Baylor. "They should tell you something. There's never been communication. But there's nothing I can say. I just have to go out and play. I won't concern myself with things I can't control."

Ford has called two team meetings in the preseason and has taken the team's veterans to task for their lackluster play. The Celtics, who lost 105-97 to San Antonio on Saturday night, are 1-5 in the preseason.

Douglas started Saturday and scored eight points and had eight assists. Wesley scored three points off the bench.

"They won't follow through with the game plan," Ford said of the team's veterans. "We are halfway through the preseason. I expected more strides by now. I'll tell you, I don't see too many bright spots."

Of Douglas, Ford said, "He's not allowed to take any shortcuts now in practice. I'm not going to turn around and hand (the starting job) to a guy (just because) he was here last year."

Around the league

Lakers: Magic Johnson won't disappear altogether. "I've got too much money at stake to be less visible," Los Angeles' new minority owner and vice president said Saturday night. But he does plan to have a lower profile at games. Johnson, who bought about 5 percent interest from Jerry Buss during the summer, said he plans to find new seats this season, somewhere other than on the baseline just a few feet away from the Lakers' bench.

"I want the team to get its own identity," said Johnson. "I don't want (coach) Del (Harris) or anybody to think I'm looking over their shoulders or anything.

"I think it's good for them to do their own thing. I don't want them to feel like I'm there for any other reason than to cheer for them."