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Censorship, stigma keep men from reporting abuse

Re: "Liars can figure," Oct. 5 letter by V. L. Dorrough concerning domestic violence statistics.

It looks like V. L. Dorrough is up to her old propagandist rhetoric again. Yes, I have heard the saying, "Figures don't lie, but liars can figure." I have also heard the saying, "The more you tell a lie, the more people will believe it."

You assert that the media are male-dominated. They may be predominantly male-owned and -operated, but the primary stories in the media (especially the print media) are for and about women. We see stories about women and breast cancer, but no stories about men and colon or prostate cancer.

My original letter was a response to a one-sided article by a Florida politician on the subject of domestic violence. All I said was, let's address the other side of the coin _ the subject of battered men.

My information comes from up-to-date research from many of the most respected and recognized domestic violence researchers across the nation (not men's groups).

The reason we do not see more of the reporting of abuse upon men is because of media censorship and the refusal of men to report their victimization because of societal stigma attached. Many cases of girlfriends killing boyfriends have been classified as simply homicides instead of domestic violence, according to the National Crime Survey.

So the next time you go off on your male-bashing tirade, please ask and I will gladly supply you with the information.

George Starkes

Tampa Bay Men's Association

Look east for Judeo-Christian roots

It was with much amusement and chagrin that I read the Oct. 4 letter from James Burke on religious education in a public school.

He stated that Judaism and Christianity are Western religions. Let it be noted that Odinism, the Nordic faith of all of our northwestern European ancestors, is the only "Western" religion. Our days of the week are named for these ancient gods _ Tuesday for Tiw, Wednesday for Wotan (Odin, Wodin), Thursday for Thor and Friday for Freyja (or her brother Freyr).

Judeo-Christianity, Judaism and Christianity are eastern religions that sprang up in ancient Israel in the Middle East among Semites.

Odinism is the only true religion of the Caucasians of northwestern Europe. Of late the labels are getting incorrect and inappropriate.

Mary S. Gill


Thomas tramples others' rights

I'm afraid letter writer Jana Carpenter misses the point of the complaints against Clearwater Commissioner Fred Thomas.

Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, Fidel Castro _ the list could go on into infinity of men who have had "principles" that they fought for and were admired for by others. That did not give them the right to trample on the rights of others.

Fred's trampling leaves the same footprints on the backs of his victims.

Brent Yaciw


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