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"Times' went too far in child abuse story

Editor: Re: Article written by Katherine Shaver, "Baby sitter jailed in sex abuse" (10-18-94).

My sister and I have been reading the St. Petersburg Times for many years. We have never seen an article written in such poor taste. Did she have to go into such detail about how the 5-year-old girl was held down, etc., etc.?

Think of the mother of the child! This is a horrible incident to have even happened! It should have been reported in better taste. What is the writer trying to prove?

The St. Petersburg Times can do better than this.

Kay Hokett, Jo Brazeau, New Port Richey

"If it ain't broke,

don't fix it'

Editor: An elected superintendent has worked very well in Pasco County.

Yes, he has had to make decisions based on what the parents want. Yes, he has had to do things right for the children or he will be voted out of office, but do we want it any other way? It if ain't broke, don't fix it.

I am voting for an elected superintendent.

Roland J. Quinn,

Port Richey

Old groups hold

a lot of memories

Editor: In response to Barbara Fredricksen's "Dee group keeps everyone dancing." She did a great job on reporting it.

We had seen the group before at Pasco-Hernando Community College and being of that music era enjoyed the show very much. The only bad part was we could not get up and "twist the night away," which we can still do.

Aging rockers _ no. Sentimental _ yes. It would be nice if they had more of the "Golden Oldies" groups. They hold a lot of memories.

Mrs. William Shook,


Fund-raiser will benefit

Pasco's schoolchildren

Editor: Another portion of the Sidewalk Project has been completed from Old Dixie west to Pine Street on the south side of Hudson Avenue in Hudson. Because of the proceeds from the annual Seafest and the cooperation of Pasco County, we are able to make it possible for the schoolchildren of the area, as well as many others, to use the sidewalks instead of the streets.

This year's four-day event is scheduled for Nov. 3, 4, 5 and 6 (rain or shine) at the newly renovated Pasco Galleria Mall (the old Outlet Mall), and a good time is promised to all.

We sincerely hope that the community will support this gala by attending or by volunteering as a worker. For more information, call 862-FEST, (862-3378).

Al L. Meyer,


As holiday nears, let's

think of less fortunate

Editor: There are 62 shopping days until Christmas. As we go through the hustle and bustle before Christmas Day, let's not forget what it's all about, nor should we forget the families who are less fortunate.

It seems inconceivable that the wealthy of this great nation cannot seem to sacrifice a little to the less fortunate.

The public is told year after year at this time of year that organizations such as Toys for Tots do not have enough donations to meet the needs of the children. It seems odd to me that those of us who have much less than most others are usually the ones who are unselfishly willing to help the families and children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

I am not trying to bring glory upon myself or anybody else. That is not my point. But where are all the good, socially acceptable, honest and caring people in our communities when it comes time to help the children?

These children and their families are not, in most cases, in need by choice. Loss of family, jobs and homes have thrown them into desperate and destitute situations.

Floyd E. McWilliams,

New Port Richey