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Watch them . . . IF YOU DARE!

Your ultimate nightmare has come true. You've invited a bunch of friends over to watch grisly horror movies, but your parents have given the ax to Jason, Michael Myers and Freddy, citing graphic violence as a no-no. You panic, thinking that your friends will tell everyone that you're a wimp. Don't worry _ we're here to help you. Here's a list of movies that aren't rated R, but are sure to give you hours of spine-tingling fun.

Night of the Living Dead (1978) _ Not to be confused with the dreary remake! This is the ultimate zombie movie, complete with dead people gnawing on guts. It's gross!

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) _ Battle of the aging superstars. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis play sisters who are stuck in the same house and aren't exactly happy about it. "By the way, Blanche, there are rats in the cellar."

Carnival of Souls (1962) _ A church organist survives a car crash, only to be haunted by a spooky dead guy. But who is scarier, the corpse or the jerk who lives next door?

Psycho (1960) _ This truly classic horror film will have you taking sponge baths for the next six years. DO NOT WATCH IT ALONE!

Masque of the Red Death (1964) _ Vincent Price stars as a nasty prince who has the time of his life in a fancy-schmancy castle while the village below is ravaged by the black plague. But who's that party guest in the hooded cape?

Dracula (1931) _ Although any vampire movie is a good choice, we'd suggest either Bela Lugosi's classic or the silent German film, Nosferatu (1922).

The Haunting of Hill House (Also listed as The Haunting) (1963) _ Spend a classic weekend in a haunted mansion with a parapsychologist, a skeptic heir and two mediums. No blood, except your own, which will curdle plenty. Make sure you know who's holding your hand . . . it might not be who you think!

House on Haunted Hill (1959) _ Often confused with The Haunting of Hill House, but not nearly as scary. Willam Castle, king of cheesy horror films, serves up another whopper with this story about a haunted mansion. Kooky millionaire Vincent Price offers $10,000 to those brave enough to spend the night in this horror house.

The Legend of Hell House (PG) (1973) _ Yet another scary-as-heck weekend in a haunted house. The special effects may be simple by more recent standards, but the spook-factor will have you jumping out of your skin! Vicious black cats and suspense galore.

Village of the Damned (1960) _ Villagers in a small town try to stop the evil terror brought on by a race of Stepfordish glowing-eyed zombie kids before they take over the town _ and then the world. The sequel, The Children of the Damned (1964), is even better.

_ compiled by Benjamin Harper, Helen A.S. Popkin and Andrew Skwish