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Casinos have Florida stockholders

Many Florida investors own an interest in the nation's casino companies, say officials from a group that supports legalizing casinos in Florida.

Pat Roberts, president of Proposition for Limited Casinos, identified a list of major stockholders with an interest in some of the casino companies that want to do business in Florida.

"Almost everyone in the state has an interest in casinos," Roberts said. "You already learned that the state pension fund has money invested in casinos."

Large mutual funds, pension funds and other Wall Street investors are among major stockholders in casinos. They include Jennison Associates, Sunbank Capital Services, Wells Fargo, State Street Bank of Boston, Chemical Bank Investment, New York Teachers Retirement Fund, Kemper Financial Services, IDS Financial Services, Atlantic Richfield Capital Management, Fidelity Management Services, Atlantic Richfield Capital Management, Fidelity Management Services, Janus Capital Corp., J.P. Morgan Co., General Accident Group and Scudder Stevens.

David Anders, vice president of the Equities and Research Department for Raymond James and Associates of St. Petersburg, said casino investments look bright for the near future, whatever Florida voters decide Nov. 8.

He said smaller casino companies have netted investors profits of as much as 130 percent since January 1993, although some casino stocks have slipped in the last six months.

Roberts said he put the lists of stockholders in Mirage, Promus, Hilton and Station Casinos together because of questions that have been raised about the ownership of casinos.

"There's no mystery to ownership," Roberts said. "It's a good investment."