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Cyclist, 91, struck by car

The red adult tricycle lay in the grassy median of U.S. 19, its front wheel torn off, its handlebars a mangled mess.

Beside the bicycle were three cantaloupes and seven large tomatoes that had fallen from the basket. Passing traffic repeatedly squashed a lone tomato that lay in the highway's middle lane, where the tricycle and its rider landed after being hit by a car and thrown about 20 feet.

About 100 yards away, a helicopter lifted off Thursday afternoon, carrying the 91-year-old cyclist to Bayfront Medical Center. Panayis M. Kazamias of Heath Drive was in guarded condition Monday evening with a broken leg and dislocated shoulder.

Kazamias was heading west across U.S. 19 at Gordon Drive when he was hit about 1:50 p.m., according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Agnes Webb, 88, said she had just pulled out of Tropic Breeze mobile home park, where she lives, and was headed to Publix in her Crown Victoria when she hit the tricycle.

"I never saw him at all until I heard the crash," Webb said. "It scared me to death. . . . Those bicycles are darn hard to see."

Webb wasn't hurt. No one was cited in the accident.