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Elected superintendents care about community

Editor: The school superintendent should remain elected. If you study the swinging door system of appointed superintendents, you will find they remain in a school district for an average of three years, just long enough to find a job paying more money in another location. They have no sense of loyalty to a school district. It comes down to who is the highest bidder and who can pay the bigger salaries and most benefits.

We want to vote for someone who is qualified, who knows Pasco County and its educational needs. We want someone who cares about Pasco's children and who will stand up for them. We know there are educated professionals hare at home who want to stay here and work for excellence in our schools. Let the people choose our school superintendent.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Loftheim

New Port Richey

Montessori teacher welcomes visitor

Editor: It was with a great deal of interest that I read Nancy Weil's observations after spending a day in a Pasco County elementary school. Many Pasco County schools have implemented a continuous-progress program in a multigraded classroom setting. It is heartening to know that all phases of learning are implemented (visual, auditory and tactile). On the surface, this is reminiscent of a Montessori classroom.

I congratulate Mindy on her caring, involved teacher, but am truly concerned that in the fourth grade, she is just now learning place values. Ms. Weil is invited to spend a day in my Montessori elementary classroom (third through sixth grade) and view true diversity in education. A Montessori classroom blends those with different styles of learning, and values each child's individuality. Children should not spend a great deal of time in school being bored.

Gail A. Gilmore


Check the height of your pilot light

Editor: Some of the gas companies turn the pilot lights on gas furnaces up to the size of a small torch. This practice produces propane sales and profits for these companies at the expense of their customers. The pilot light burns constantly and should be no more than a couple of inches tall. I watched as they adjusted the flame to over 10 inches in my furnace.

When my gas dryer was installed the technician checked the pilot light in my furnace and turned it down to where it should have been set. Now I use less gas with a gas clothes dryer than I did before without one!

Kevin Coffelt


Thanks for helping in time of grief

Editor: I recently placed an ad in the "lost" section of the Pasco Times for my charcoal gray cat, Smokey. He was very dear to us and we loved him a lot. First, I want to thank my friends and neighbors who helped me try to find him. Also, the wonderful people who are animal lovers, who called me in response to my ad with information and suggestions to help me find Smokey. A big thank you to Donna at the kennel at the Animal Shelter in Land O'Lakes for her patience, kindness and compassion in checking the daily log for us for 22 days.

Thanks to the staff of the Times for their help and understanding through a bad time that I was experiencing with the loss of my cat. Unfortunately, I have not found him yet, but I am still hoping that he will come home. It is nice to know that there are still people out there who are caring and have a love for animals.

Marjorie Palazzo

Port Richey

Why are cabs undependable?

Editor: Why aren't specialized cabs dependable? Why are their excuses always the same? Why do they always pick us up late? Why don't they call us if they are going to be late so we know? I feel that we have the right to know since we depend on them.

R.A. Smith