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In defense of Timber Pines

Editor: It is too bad neighbors can't live in harmony. Local residents are again carping at Timber Pines. It is time to enumerate the benefits Timber Pines residents have brought to Hernando County and its residents.

We have been referred to as "those affluent Northerners" on more than one occasion. We are not all affluent, and we are not all Northerners. We are people who worked hard, lived frugally and saved for our retirement. Too bad more aren't guilty of such "sins."

Residents have bought more than 2,500 homes in Timber Pines at a cost of some $200-million, all money brought in from the outside. This provided thousands of jobs for local people and businesses. On an ongoing basis we provide millions of dollars each year in disposable income, again fueling the local economy.

Timber Pines' operations provide jobs for hundreds of Hernando County residents. We also pay several million dollars a year in Hernando property taxes, for services which, for the most part, we don't use.

Sure, we water our golf course. Was there ever a golf course that didn't require watering? And there are many public and private golf courses in the area. Are they being similarly condemned?

There's a bright side to everything. Let's recognize the bright side of Timber Pines. We want to be good neighbors.

Miller W. Swaney

Spring Hill

Research county's emergency needs

Editor: In recent weeks and months letter writers to the newspapers have written on subjects that they have no knowledgeable background. I refer to a recent writer who claims Hernando County can do better running its own ambulance service.

The writer claims to have done extensive research on this subject. I submit the only research that was done was taken out of context to serve that writer and to create controversy. However, we as concerned people should always keep an open mind. Ideas of any kind are worthy of consideration, but only if we look at them in their true context, "ideas."

I believe that the time has come to re-establish a countywide task force to address the needs of fire and ambulance service. My personal and gut feeling is that we could save a lot of money, not only in Spring Hill, but in areas of the county that have no service at this time, but (where service) is necessary as the population continues to grow. I believe that the people of Hernando County deserve the best that they are willing to pay for.

The only way to ensure that quality is to research every possibility that can address our needs.

Tony Mosca Jr.

Hernando County commissioner

Spring Hill

Families' lessons last a lifetime

Editor: Families in Florida have enjoyed a special experience in international understanding this year by welcoming into their homes high school students from Europe and Latin America. The boys and girls are discovering our local everyday life as participants in the School Year USA program of World Learning.

I am prompted to write to express the enormous gratitude of these students. I am their local coordinator, having found their host families and supervised the program. My thanks to the host families, the teachers and the members of this community who have welcomed these young people.

My students have discovered the special hospitality of this corner of Florida and will always remember the welcome they received here. As one said recently of his experience, "If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime. World Learning is teaching me how to fish."

Vicky Raskin

Spring Hill

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