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Because of you all, it works

Editor: An excellent example of cooperation occurred recently on the Weeki Wachee River. Competing businesses worked together for the greater benefit of Hernando County. Government employees, local media, business people and private individuals assisted 19 local charitable agencies by creating and enjoying the United Way's Great Weeki Wachee River Raft and Tube Regatta.

This was the first event of what we think will be one of the most enjoyable and anticipated events on this community's annual calendar. The combination of a great location (Rogers Park on the Weeki Wachee River), great events (custom-made raft races, canoe races and tubes floating down river), wonderful entertainment, delicious food and a great cause showed what potential this county has to further develop and support services required in Hernando County.

We often hear what is negative about our community, government, business and private individuals; however, efforts and events such as last weekend's should make us proud to live in a community that can launch and develop this type of event.

The United Way of Hernando County would like to thank all the individuals in business, government and private life who made this event possible and will allow us to further assist these agencies, which serve more than 30 percent of the population of our county.

If you have any questions regarding the United Way of Hernando County, please call the United Way office at 688-2026.

Mike Davis,

volunteer president

United Way

of Hernando County Inc.

No gambling or chicken suppers at our church

Editor: In answer to Mr. Nizelski's recent letter to the editor concerning gambling and church finances: The Brooksville Wesleyan Church sponsors no chicken suppers, fish fries, chili cook-offs, nor any form of gambling, bingo, selling chances or lotteries. Furthermore, the members do not participate in state or other lotteries.

All of the members pay the Lord a part of the great debt they owe Him by paying 10 percent of their income (tithes) and then contribute their offerings of love for the various charities of the church. Last conference year (June 1, 1993 to May 31, 1994) the contribution from the members to the church was more than $300,000.

We would welcome Mr. Nizelski to visit our church sometime for fellowship with people who love the Lord with their purses, as well as with their hearts and lives.

Mac McCombs


Timber Pines developer at fault for water usage

Editor: In a recent letter, Mr. Wetmore points the finger of shame at the people of Timber Pines. May I remind him that it is not the people of Timber Pines, but the corporation that is to blame.

Many of us who live here are as dismayed and disgusted as he about the thoughtless, and yes, selfish use of water here. In our individual villages, where we have control, we have cut back on our sprinkling.

The powers that be try to justify their extravagant use by saying that the water in these ponds will be recycled to irrigate the golf courses. The ponds shouldn't have been excavated in the first place. How many gallons were taken out of the ground to fill them?

With the condition of the water table in all of Florida, perhaps consideration should be given to a moratorium on all the ponds and golf courses.

Margaret B. Pigage

Spring Hill

Lay off Timber Pines, blame water authority

Editor: Re: Timber Pines bashing:

Enough is enough.

Whatever water Timber Pines gets or doesn't get is completely at the discretion of Swiftmud. So please direct all derogatory remarks to that authority.

Iberia Ardao

Spring Hill

You can't go wrong at High Point's Fun Night

Editor: I'm not a resident of High Point, or a member of their social club, but on Oct. 16 I attended their Fun Night dance. My wife and I were treated as if we were old and dear friends.

If anybody would like an inexpensive night out and enjoy good dancing and good company, give High Point a call and find out what nights are available to the public. You can't go wrong.

William Hughes

Spring Hill