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Halloween safety tips

From the office

of Sheriff Lee Cannon

Never go inside a house.

Do not call on houses of strangers or houses where the outside lights are not on.

Parents of younger children: Supervise them.

Parents of older children: Know the route they children are taking and who their companions are.

Be careful if wearing wigs. They block vision and may catch fire near a flaming jack-o'-lantern.

Carry a flashlight.

Realize that makeup is safer than a mask, which can block your vision.

Use small trick-or-treat bags that prevent the chance of tripping.

Wear regular comfortable shoes instead of high heels or oversized shoes to prevent tripping and ankle damage.

Make sure imitation weapons are made of cardboard.

Be careful of dogs. They are more excitable because of the Halloween activity.

Do not go out before or after Halloween unless local authorities designate another time for trick-or-treating.

Take home treats for inspection before eating. If you feel that children cannot wait that long, give them a snack to carry, or some of the treats you are giving out, to hold them over.

Report any suspicious incident or activity to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office or your local Police Department immediately.