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Lindsey Berkey, a fifth-grader at Calusa Elementary School and member of Junior Girl Scout Troop 171, recently was awarded the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, a lifesaving award, at Calusa Elementary School. Lindsey, 10, was presented the award for saving the life of her grandmother, who slipped and fell backward into a swimming pool. The Medal of Honor is given for saving a life or attempting to save a life without great risk to the rescuer's own life. Lindsey quickly pulled her grandmother out of the water and called for help. The award is one of 22 that have been presented since Jan. 1.

Hudson High School seniors Matthew L. Dyer and Matthew R. Gross have been named commended students for their exceptional academic promise by the 1995 National Merit Scholarship Program and will receive letters of commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Dyer and Gross placed among the top 5 percent of more than a million students who entered the 1995 Merit Program by taking the 1993 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship test.

Members of the 1994-95 advisory council at Sanders Elementary School are Bobby Alexander, Sherri Allen, Jane Arthur, Madeline Barbery, Winnie Chastain, Kass Claggett, Mark Clark, Paul Crisp, Paige Dennis, Claudia Hoppe, Donna Hunt, Florence Jensen, Marti Meacher, Margie Meade, Fred Meyer, Pamela Osnes, Pam Ovitt, Gail Robinson, B.J. Smith and Carol West.

Lt. Col. Clarence P. Taranto, the senior Army instructor of the JROTC Department of Hudson High School, has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity and ability of the following cadets who have been promoted to the grade of rank shown: Maj. Roger L. Cain, Capt. Chris Rossmier, 1st Lt. Ryan Crum, 1st Lt. Brian Francis, 1st Lt. Dawn Mangum, 1st Lt. Laura Hentz, 2nd Lt. Anthony Buttitta, 2nd Lt. Timothy Jacoby, 2nd Lt. Joy Michaud, 2nd Lt. Adam Wood, Master Sgt. Justin Griffin, Sgt. 1st Class John Girton, Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Hall, Sgt. 1stClass Brendon Saguil, Staff Sgt. Nicole Dolby, Staff Sgt. Russel Fortner, Staff Sgt. Michael Hoerl, Staff Sgt. Andrew Krebbs, Sgt. Johnny Butler, Sgt. Carole Coons, Sgt. Dominic Kirchner, Sgt. Hope Miles, Sgt. Frank Trentacoste, Cpl. Brad Beachamp, Cpl. Michael Clem, Cpl. James Duryea, Cpl. Nathan Hipkins, Cpl. Janie Melton, Cpl. Christina O'Brien, Cpl. Bree Sgobbo and Cpl. Sean Sylvan.

School Advisory Council members at Moon Lake Elementary School are Kathy Vito, Frank Kalinowski, Karen Merrell, Karen Crowe, Julia Beason, Jennifer Johnston, Kara Dunning, Dennis Crow, Chuck Hollister, Cynthia Mercier, Joan Hambor, Sandra Lloyd, Pat Ammons, Lynn Pfeiffer, Michelle Schlosser, Mark Richie, Don Stevens and Debbie Harmon.

The following pupils recently were elected as officers for the Future Florida Educator Association at Mittye P. Locke Elementary School: Bobby Marinelli, president; Sneha Kumar, vice president; Tarah Marinelli, secretary; and Michael Mertez, treasurer.

Officers for the Student Council at Moon Lake Elementary are Danny Grant, president; Angie Tomko, vice president; Tarah Marinelli, secretary; and Rachel Sizemore, treasurer.

The following pupils have been named Peer Helpers at Moon Lake Elementary School and will help to acquaint new pupils with the school, perform public service skits and interact with the pupil community when there is a need: Aaron Barentine, Toni Leccese, Ryan Hicks, Tyler Jopeck, Shawn Harrell, Rachel Killock, Jennifer McIntosh, Shane Verosic, James Smith, Cathy Thompson and Ben Bors. The adviser is guidance counselor Dennis Crow.

Tim Benton, music teacher at Deerpark Elementary and Gulfside Elementary, has been selected to participate in a Rotary International Group Exchange Student Program and will travel to Sendai, Japan, in late March through April.

Jesse Rudd, a senior at Saddlebrook High School, has been selected for Who's Who in American Students for 1994-95.