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Traffic offender used blind man's identity

State officials confirm that someone else who knew all about 30-year-old Patrick Clark adopted the blind man's identity while racking up four traffic tickets in Dade County on Aug. 4.

That deception prompted the Florida Division of Driver Licenses on Oct. 10 to inform Clark _ who has never had a driver's license _ that his driver's license was suspended for failure to pay the tickets.

Now, the office's director says Clark is the one who'll have to clear up the matter with the Dade County Court Clerk's Office. Together, the four traffic tickets' fines and fees total more than $200.

"It's (Clark's) reputation that's been harmed here," said Director Glenn Blocker. "He needs to nip that in the bud. Someone has got his number."

Clark, who lives with his parents in the Cresthaven neighborhood north of Pompano Beach and uses a wheelchair due to spinal problems, says it just doesn't make any sense.

"It's not my fault it happened," Clark said. "I shouldn't be the one who has to prove anything. But it appears the bureaucrats aren't going to solve anything."

Monday, the Division of Driver Licenses confirmed that whoever it was that got the four tickets in Dade gave Clark's name, his Pompano Beach address and his birth date while being ticketed.

That person "had Clark's I.D. card with him, or had personal knowledge of him, because they gave all the pertinent details about him," Blocker said.

But, Blocker said, the impostor did make one mistake.

"The signatures don't match," Blocker said. "That signature on Clark's I.D. card doesn't match the one that was on the citation."

The mystery driver was ticketed for driving without a license, for driving without proper proof of insurance, without his registration and his license plates.

Summed up a frustrated Clark: "This sounds like someone who knows me, but I don't know him."