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Vatikiotis will provide needed professionalism

Published Oct. 8, 2005

I suggest you have two reporters at our Tarpon Springs City Commission meetings _ one to represent each side.

The late Col. H. M. Salley had extensive military experience managing large numbers of personnel and logistics. An engineer with no previous city manager experience, his professional performance in that office was brilliant. Just ask anyone who was around here then.

Like Col. Salley, (new City Manager) Costa Vatikiotis is retired from the military. As a naval commander, he had similar experiences. He is brilliant, with a Ph.D. to document it. Dr. Vatikiotis will perform professionally because that is who he is.

(Former manager) Carey Smith is doing the customary thing in moving up the ladder. Don't feel sorry for him. He will earn considerably more in Daytona Beach.

"Native" is used as a four-letter word by some. "Native" does not mean "inept," it simply means "born here." We have some brilliant natives here. Jobs should be filled by the most competent persons. Natives and newcomers should stand on level ground when being considered for their qualifications and how well they are likely to serve Tarpon Springs. Being a native does not automatically qualify someone, but neither should it automatically disqualify him.

Costa Vatikiotis will not use Tarpon Springs as a stepping stone, but intends to stay here for life, in the town he has loved all his life.

Don't worry, just sit back and watch the superb professional contribution of a qualified native son.

Jean S. Barnes

Tarpon Springs