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Article opened doors to what really happened

Published Oct. 8, 2005

Editor: Re: Dubious Justice!

Your story regarding Thomas Thornton was stunning. Your Pasco writers, Andrew Galarneau and Collins Conner, did a beautiful job of reporting and investigating. Such shoddy evidence produced in court by Pasco County for the conviction of Thomas Thornton is sickening.

I say thank God for the power of the press. It lets the little guy in the street know and understand what's really happening behind closed doors.

Joseph J. Falbo, New Port Richey

Put ordinance to test, and let it stand

Editor: I cannot believe the city of New Port Richey is even considering loosening the ordinances that were enforced at the time the Pasco Pussycat fiasco occurred. It is beyond me why the city fathers of New Port Richey are turning Orchid Lake Road into a red light district.

I wonder if the New Port Richey City Council members have a financial interest in this industrial park other than collecting taxes. For an individual who pays the taxes that I pay in Pasco County, which are substantial, I can not believe this city council is allowing these things to happen. They are worried about a lawsuit. Well, what about the diminished property values for the owners? When a county can have a fine restaurant eliminate the word "Saloon" from its name due to a church's concerns, I guess our problem is there are only four or five property owners in the park and not hundreds. Also, the housing developments right along the industrial park to the east of New Port Richey should have some input. We have a situation where the backyards of some private homes could be looking out on adult businesses. I believe the current ordinance should be left as is to see if it will pass the test legally.

Mel Eaves, Hudson

Donation showed true selflessness

Editor: Being a Lioness, and now a Lion member of the Lions International, I have stood voluntarily collecting donations to help needy, visually impaired people. I wish the news media would report on a wonderful experience which occurred at the Hudson/Bayonet Point Lions Club White Cane Fund-raiser in Hudson on Oct. 7.

While standing with my white cane donation collector, a gentleman stopped to chat for a few minutes. He explained to me why he was a homeless person, who lived in the nearby woods. He said he loved the quiet in the woods and loved to hear the song of the birds, which gave him a sense of peace. His attire showed his honesty. After a few minutes of conversation, he took a few coins out of his pocket and put the coins into my white cane collection cane. I tried to tell him to keep his coins as he may have need for them. He said he takes from no one, he takes care of himself, but someday he may need a pair of glasses, and walked away.

When he left, I was so moved by his sincerity, and felt badly that I was unable to stop him from donating what might have been his last coins.

Caroline F. Graziul, Hudson

Celebrating children should be news

Editor: I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the 90 plus volunteers who freely gave of their time and talents at our second annual "Celebrate the Children" event on Oct. 8, sponsored by the Optimist Club of Port Richey.

More than 65 families with special needs children (mentally and physically handicapped) and their siblings spent the day participating in various arts and crafts activities. Numerous clowns, who were face painting, sculpting balloon figures, story telling and giving the children rides on their "funny" cars gave them much joy. Most of these clowns are from the group Clowntowners Alley. Saints in Disguise and Pop 'n Pooh Circus, with Harvey Clark and a puppet show by Beacon Community Church were also highlights of their day.

It is unfortunate that the local newspapers chose not to cover this happy event, but perhaps they will cover it next year. The reward of seeing a smile on these children's faces is truly memorable.

If anyone reading this would like a chance to "Celebrate the Children" next year, or to assist in our other youth-related activities, please join us at our weekly Optimist Club of Port Richey meetings held at Unity Church, 5844 Pine Hill Road, Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m., or call 845-0437.

Optimist Club of Port Richey

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