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Brady loses Ch. 13 sports job

Published Oct. 8, 2005

Dan Brady, WTVT-Ch. 13's weekend sports anchor, has been let go from the station.

Brady, known for his high-energy on-air personality, was told in July that his contract would not be renewed in the spring.

Since then, he said, he has been waiting for exit papers. "I thought it was going to happen months ago," he said Wednesday. "To be a lame duck is a very difficult position for anybody to be in. It's a big relief to now know that I can move on."

WTVT news director Daniel Webster would not comment on Brady's termination, which came after Sunday's broadcast in which Brady hyped a Times poll questioning whether he should be retained. "All I can tell you and all anyone will tell you is that he's no longer with the company," Webster said.

Brady worked at Ch. 13 since 1992, and has been the weekend sports anchor since 1993. "Anyone who watches sports in this area knows that I separated myself from the pack," he said. "But nobody seems to care."