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How I spent my summer vacation

This summer I had a lot of fun! The first thing I did was go to Busch Gardens. My best friend, my dad and I went on the Python, Scorpion and the Kumba. Then we went on the wet rides and they were a lot of fun, too. After that we went to eat.

A week later, I left for two weeks to visit my grandparents in Canada. My brother, my stepsister and I went for the first week, then my parents came. We had a family reunion and all my aunts, uncles and cousins came.

Then, my parents took us to Toronto for a week. We went to a planetarium. We saw what all the different stars look like so at night we know where all the stars are. The next day we walked to Eatons shopping center and looked in all the shops. Then, we ate dinner.

The next day, we played a game called Q-zar. You have vests on that have little boxes on them and you have laser guns and shoot the boxes. After that, we met my parents to go out to eat, and the next day we went home.

After Canada, I took a cross-country trip with my dad and brother. The first day, we made it to Biloxi, Miss. Then, we went to Texas and Phoenix. We stayed with my dad's friend from medical school and his wife and children. While we were there we went to a place called Castles and Coasters. We went on every ride there.

The next day, we went to Las Vegas and stayed at the Riviera Hotel. The next morning we left for a whitewater rafting trip for three days on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. After we got back we drove home. I think my summer vacation was great!

Olivia Weiss is a fifth-grader at Crystal River Primary School.