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Judicial commission has an opening

Published Oct. 8, 2005

(ran W, S editions)

The Judicial Nominating Commission for the 6th Judicial Circuit is seeking a non-lawyer to fill the four-year term as lay member of the commission. Applications can be obtained from JNC Chair, Irene H. Sullivan, Esq., Harris, Barrett, Mann & Dew, 150 Second Ave. N, Suite 1500, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, 892-3100. Completed applications must be returned by Tuesday. Interviews will be scheduled shortly thereafter. A judicial nominating commission is a panel of citizens that screens applicants for judicial vacancies and submits at least three of the most qualified applicants to the governor for appointment. The governor is required by the Florida Constitution to select one of the applicants submitted to him by the commission. It is a non-salaried position; however, expenses incurred by any commissioner in filling a judicial vacancy for travel and/or per diem are reimbursable by the State Courts Administrator's Office in accordance with state policy. Each commissioner is appointed to a four-year term except in cases when the appointment is a result of a commissioner vacating an existing term.