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Police suspect burglar molested girl

Police are searching for a possible burglar who crept into a home, snatched a 7-year-old girl from her bedroom and molested her a few blocks away last weekend.

Authorities said the man removed three jalousie panels from the girls' bedroom, crawled inside and led the girl from the home while the parents slept.

"She asked for her mommy," the girl's father said, "but the man said, "Mommy's in the bathroom.' "

The man dragged the girl two blocks away and fondled her, police said. The girl, disoriented and crying, was seen by a neighbor Saturday morning.

Police are unsure if "the suspect was there to commit a burglary and then something clicked inside to make him want to molest the girl, or if he went there to molest a young girl," police Sgt. Kevin McGowan said Tuesday.

Hours before the attack, the girl had celebrated her birthday with her family.

"The children are so scared they won't even go into their bedroom," said the girl's father. "They can't sleep."

He thinks a burglar has been stalking his home for the past 18 months. Before Saturday's abduction, the home had been broken into three times.

Each time, the burglar crept into the home by removing jalousies from windows and took valuables such as fishing rods and a VCR.

No arrests have been made in the burglaries.