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Reynolds says he is broke

Actor Burt Reynolds has asked a Martin County Circuit judge to release him from alimony payments and make ex-wife Loni Anderson pay his attorney fees.

Reynolds, who has paid Anderson more than $1-million under the couple's June divorce agreement, said he is $11.8-million in debt and has a negative net worth of $2.56-million.

"To compel the former husband to pay the exorbitant sums, pursuant to said agreement, would be unreasonable and unconscionable," Reynolds' attorney, Bob Montgomery, said in a motion filed Tuesday in Stuart.

"The former husband's net worth and assets have a negative value. The former wife has assets and the ability to support herself."

Anderson has earned "tens of thousands" since the couple split and has future contracts for TV and movie projects, the motion says. Reynolds, it says, is unemployed.

Reynolds has to pay Anderson $11,000 a month in alimony and her attorney fees, in addition to carrying a $1.3-million mortgage on Anderson's new home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The motion came on the heels of a dust-up on a recent Tonight Show, during which Reynolds became angry and threw a cup of water on another guest, TV game-show host Marc Summers. Later, in San Francisco, he took umbrage at a question from a reporter and ripped up her notes.

On Friday, midway through a tour to promote his book My Life, he abruptly announced he was delaying the rest of the tour to take advantage of business opportunities.

He recently completed The Maddening, a movie filmed in Florida and co-starring Angie Dickinson. It was directed by Danny Huston, son of Hollywood legend John Huston.

For five years in the 1970s, Reynolds was the nation's top box office star, according to the annual National Association of Theater Owners Poll.