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Stock up now on your holiday cranberries

Start your holiday shopping now: Stock up on cranberries.

You see, while cranberries are harvested in September and October, we tend to want them most in November and December, and supplies don't always last that long.

The folks at Ocean Spray say they're expecting a good crop because of the high heat and humidity Massachusetts and Wisconsin had this year. (Those two states produce the majority of the fresh-market cranberries.) There's a catch, though. The heat and humidity also reduce the number of berries that are considered "keeping" quality _ those that look and taste good enough to be sold fresh. The rest are used in juices, sauces and other processed products.

The good news is that you can freeze the fresh berries and keep them through the holidays. The berries can be used frozen in any recipe without thawing, the same way you use fresh berries.