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Voters have major-league choice for School Board

Comparing the candidacies of Bob Pearce and Sandra Nicholson is sort of like comparing twoprofessional baseball players, one of whom is in the minor leagues and other who is in the major leagues. Both players are professionals and perform to the best of their abilities, but one operates at a higher level than the other. In this race for the District 5 School Board seat, that candidate is Bob Pearce.

Pearce is a retired educator from Cecil County, Maryland. He has 26 years of hands-on experience in the schools, having worked his way through the ranks. He began as a teacher, moved on to be a guidance counselor, an assistant principal and eventually a principal. He spent the last years of his career administering the district's finances, including payroll, benefits and budgeting for the future. So, when Pearce speaks of holding down costs and scrutinizing budgets, he knows what he's talking about. His administrative background included labor negotiations.

As Pearce discusses the myriad issues facing the Hernando County school district, his degree of understanding lifts the conversation to a plane most candidates do not reach. In an era where hyperbolic sound bites and trite rhetoric pass for campaigning, Pearce offers down-to-earth observations that are substantive, not superficial.

Pearce's opponent, Sandra Nicholson, is a worthy rival. Nicholson's extensive involvement in the community, and in school-related activities in particular, is impressive. She has given generously of her time and talents to improve Hernando County schools and deserves recognition. If pitted against a candidate of lesser abilities, Nicholson would be an appealing choice.

But in this contest, Pearce has Nicholson outgunned. Hernando County voters should be eager to elect Bob Pearce to the School Board. Candidates of his quality happen along much too infrequently.

Opportunity to reply

Sandra Nicholson is invited to respond to this recommendation. The reply must be received no later than 4 p.m. Friday, and is limited to 250 words. Deliver to: Jeff Webb, Editor of Editorials, Hernando Times, 161 E. Jefferson St., Brooksville, FL, 34601. Or fax to: (904) 754-6133.