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Published Oct. 8, 2005

Here are excerpts from President Clinton's remarks at the peace treaty signing:

Today we honor the constant and devoted work of two courageous leaders who have risked everything so that their children and their children's children need fight nor fear no more.

King Hussein, today in this arid place, you bring to full flower the memories of the man who taught you to seek peace, your grandfather, King Abdullah.

When he was martyred four decades ago, he left you with a great burden and a great dream. He believed that one day on both sides of the river Jordan, Arab and Jew would live in peace. How bravely you have shouldered that burden and carried that dream.

Now after so much danger and so much hardship, your majesty, your day has come. Truly you have fulfilled your grandfather's legacy.

Prime Minister Rabin, you have spent a lifetime as a soldier, fighting first to establish your country and then, for so long, to defend it. For a lifetime you have fought with skill and tenacity and courage simply to achieve a secure and lasting peace for your people.

Now you have given them the hope of life after the siege. In your own words, you have now given them the challenge to furnish the house of Israel and make it a home.

I say to the people of Israel and Jordan, now you must make this peace real. To turn no man's land into everyman's home; to take down the barbed wire; to remove the deadly mines; to help the wounds of war to heal; open your borders, open your hearts.

The forces of terror will try to hold you back. Already they take deadly aim at the future of peace in their zeal to kill hope and keep hatred alive, they will deny all that peace can bring to your children. We cannot, we must not, we will not let them succeed.


Here are excerpts from Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's remarks at the peace treaty signing:

Happy holiday. Happy holiday to the people of Israel. Happy holiday to the people of Jordan. Let this be an end to war, violence and hostile activity. And let us know no more war. . . .

For nearly two generations, desolation pervaded the heart of our two peoples.

The time has now come not merely to dream of a better future, but to realize it.

Leaders should clear the path, should show the way, but the road itself must be paved by both peoples. I don't believe that we would have reached this great moment without the desire for peace in the hearts of both peoples _ in the hearts of the soldiers and the intellectuals, in the hearts of the farmers and the lorry drivers who drive through the Araba highways in Jordan and Israel, in the hearts of the teachers and of the little children. . . .

Your Majesty, peace between states is peace between peoples, it is an expression of trust and esteem.

I have learned to know and admire the quiet and the smiling power with which you guard your nation and the courage with which you lead your people. . . .

President Clinton, thank you for your tremendous support throughout the entire process, which was vital for the achievement of this final result.

As dawn broke this morning and a new day began, new life came into the world _ babies were born in Jerusalem, babies were born in Amman. But this morning is different.

The peace that was born today gives us all the hope that the children born today will never know war between us _ and their mothers will know no sorrow.

Allow me to end by the simple words _ shalom, salaam, peace.


Here are excerpts from King Hussein's remarks at the peace treaty signing:

It is with a sense of enormous pride, a sense of fulfilment, that I stand here before you today, together with President Clinton, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, President Weizman and all our distinguished colleagues and friends.

An unusual day, a day like no other in terms of the hopes, in terms of the promise, and in terms of the determination, God willing and with God's blessing, of us all, to remember this day as long as we live and for future generations. Jordanians, Israelis, Arabs, Palestinians, all children of Abraham, to remember it as the dawning of the new era of peace, mutual respect between us all, tolerance, and the coming together of people of generations to come beyond this time, to build and achieve what is worthy of them.

The prime minister of Israel, the prime minister of Jordan, will shortly ratify the peace treaty between our two countries. . . .

I know it is supported by the overwhelming majority of our people who have learned today of its passage through the Israeli Knesset by an overwhelming majority. . . . This is peace with dignity, this is peace with commitment, this is our gift to our peoples and the generations to come.

It will herald the change in the quality of life of people. It will not be simply a peace of paper ratified by those responsible, blessed by the world. It will be real, as we open our hearts and our minds to each other, as we discover a human face to everything that has happened, and to each other, for all of us have suffered for far too long.

President Clinton, you have been our partner, you have been our friend, you have given us your support, together with the administration of the United States of America.