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57-year-old Italian gives birth to triplets

A doctor who helped a 57-year-old woman give birth to triplets through artificial fertilization said he agreed to the procedure only because the mother lied to him about her age.

Elide Accili, 58 next month, gave birth Wednesday to three healthy babies _ two boys and a girl _ at a hospital in the Adriatic town of Pescara.

Fertility specialist Raffaele Magli implanted three eggs, donated by another woman and fertilized by Accili's husband's sperm, in his patient, who was sterile and had been through the menopause.

Magli said the mother was the oldest post-menopausal woman to have given birth to triplets.

The babies, who weigh 4-pounds 6-ounces each, were delivered by Caesarean section. They and their mother will leave the hospital next week.

Magli, who said he is against older women having babies through artificial fertilization, says Accili lied to him about her age in order to convince him to go through with the procedure.

"She told me she was seven years younger than she really was," Magli said. "I will treat women up to 50 years old, but I don't believe that women much older than that should have children. I'm waiting for a law that puts the brakes on these kinds of pregnancies."

Magli said Accili had no complications during pregnancy and had a smooth delivery.

"But I got a little nervous when she told me how old she really was," he said.