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Birth Announcements


Achey, Patrice and Richard Harris, Tampa, a boy, Randy James, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1994.

Adger, Pamela and James Daniels III, Tampa, a girl, Jamela Elizabethann, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

Alexander, Rebecca and Elmer Jr., Tampa, a girl, Hannah Lynne, Friday, Aug. 19, 1994.

Aliva, Alma and Jose, Ruskin, a boy, Jose Manuel Jr., Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Alvarez, Juliann and Luis Mendez, Tampa, a boy, Julian Alexander, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Anderson, Paula and Brian Reynolds, Seffner, a boy, Austin Tyler, Saturday, Aug. 20, 1994.

Berry, Regina, Tampa, a boy, Kevin Kelsey, Sunday, Aug. 21, 1994.

Brown, Betty and Edward Jr., Tampa, a boy, David Alexander, Saturday, Aug. 20, 1994.

Caffee, Brenda, Tampa, a boy, Jeremiah Arthur, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1994.

Calandro, Julie and Mark, Palm Harbor, a boy, Nicholas Lee, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1994.

Campbell, Kimberly and Shawn Skelton, Tampa, a girl, Kristen Michelle, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1994.

Cantres, Pearl and Adrian Bowden, Tampa, a boy, Adrian Dion, Thursday, Aug. 25, 1994.

Caron, Christine and Jarmin Saxton, Tampa, a girl, Elizabeth Lorraine, Thursday, Sept. 1, 1994.

Chiaramonte, Lisa and Vincent, Tampa, a boy, Matthew Vincent, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Coronado, Claudia, Tampa, a boy, Gustavo Dominic, Friday, Aug. 19, 1994.

Crawford, Barbara, Tampa, a girl, Ke'Asia Aurisha, Monday, Aug. 15, 1994.

Cruz, Judith, Tampa, a boy, Luis Miguel, Friday, Aug. 26, 1994.

Daniels, Kim, Tampa, a girl, Rakisha Lasha, Friday, Aug. 19, 1994.

Daniels, Lazora, Tampa, a boy, Tyree Antwan, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Deanna, Lorikay and Kenneth, Lithia, a boy, Casey Robert, Tuesday, Aug.30, 1994.

DeGroat, Yvette and William Lundy, Tampa, a boy, William John, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

DeFoor, Shelia and Oscar, Tampa, a boy, Oscar Lee II, Sunday, Aug. 21, 1994.

DeRigo, Heather, Tampa, a girl, Jamey Elise, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Dorta, Mary, Tampa, a boy, Zachary Caleb, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1994.

Douglas, Leronda, Tampa, a girl, Rontesha Leekia Victoria, Monday, Aug. 22, 1994.

DuBose, Tammy and Tien, Tampa, a girl, Miranda Rae, Saturday, Aug. 27, 1994,

Dukes, Lisa, Tampa, a boy, Jaytwan Edward, Tuesday. Aug. 23, 1994.

Durrance, Dorothy and Michael Henderson, Seffner, a boy, Richard Tyler, Sunday, Aug. 21, 1994.

Durrance, Shannon and Blue, Valrico, a boy, Chace Oliver, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Dwyer, Jessica and Thomas, Tampa, a girl, Rachel Renee, Thursday, Sept. 1, 1994.

Eustache, Margarette and Jean, Tampa, a boy, Garmanuel, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1994.

Exum, Racheal and Douglas Akers, Gibsonton, a a boy, Austin Douglas, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Fleming, Trinia and Sammie Ousley Jr., Tampa, a boy, Darien Shawn, Thrusday, Aug. 25, 1994.

Flores, Orbelina and Fidel, Tampa, a girl Jocelyn, Monday, Aug. 22, 1994.

Franco, Isabel, Tampa, a boy, Jovanie Toy, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

French, Jill and Alejandro Lugo, Tampa, a boy, Taylor Alexander, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Fuentes, Glenda and Anthony Ferlita, Tampa, a boy, Justin Joseph, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Garcia, Cristina and Remigio, Dover, a girl, Sara Isabel, Friday, Aug. 19, 1994.

Gilley, Melissa and Kenneth Coleman, Plant City, a girl, Darrien Diane, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Gomez, Maria and Carlos, Tampa, a girl, Vanessa, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1994.

Graham, Jessica and Julius Thompson, Tampa, a boy, Jaquan Lorenzo, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1994.

Green, Sheila and Byron, Tampa, a girl, Sandtesha Faye, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Gunnin, Donna and Scott, Tampa, a boy, Johnathan Paul, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 1994.

Harrell, Sonia, Tampa, a boy, Jeremiah Alexander, Saturday, Aug. 20, 1994.

Hernandez, Sherry and Pedro, Wimauma, a boy, Pedro II, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Hudson, Delphine, Tampa, a boy, John Butler, Monday, Aug. 22, 1994.

Joy, Jennifer, Tampa, a girl, Chloe Roxanne, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1994.

Kadamani, Daid Sami, Tampa, a boy, Tareq Sami, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Keller, Edith and Paul, Tampa, a boy, Daniel Timothy, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1994.

Laurent, Claudette and Phillip, Tampa, a boy, Zachary Phillip, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

Lee, Nicole, Tampa, a boy, Nictavis Dondre, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1994.

Madry, Eldora and Troy Jones, Tampa, a girl Ariel Lachario, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

Marino, Hueyretta, Tampa, a boy, Anthony Eugene, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Martin, Dawn and Tommy Nichols, Lutz, a boy, Kenny Lee, Thursday, Aug. 25, 1994.

Martinez, Elizabeth and Norman Giovenco, Tampa, a girl, Nikki Lisette, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Metzler, Sarah and Mitchell, Zephyrhills, a girl, Virginia Lillian, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1994.

Mitchell, Lisette and Karl, Tampa, a girl, Alissa Erin, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1994.

Mohammed, Indira and Gene Chaves, Tampa, a boy, Alexander Eugene, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

Murray, Sheryl and Harold, Tampa, a boy, Harold Lynnwood Jr., Friday, Aug. 26, 1994.

Pagan, Cora and Edwin, Spring Hill, a girl, Brittany Lynn, Monday, Aug. 22, 1994.

Payano, Maritza, Tampa, a girl, Esperanza Isabel, Thursday, Sept. 1, 1994.

Perkinks, Ebony and Bobby Vinson, Tampa, a boy, Bobby Daniel, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 1994.

Preston, Becky and Timothy, Tampa, a girl, Ashlie Nichoel, Saturday, Aug. 20, 1994.

Richard, Zequita, Tampa, a boy, Darius Marque, Saturday Aug. 27, 1994.

Riley, Donna and Curtis Rollins, Riverview, a boy, Curtis Lee, Thursday, Aug. 25, 1994.

Rivera, Graciela and Francisco, Wimauma, a boy, Ricardo, Saturday, Aug. 27, 1994.

Rojas, Monica and Jesus Rendon, Tampa, a girl, Yesenia, Friday, Aug. 19, 1994.

Rosa, Diana and Roberto, Tampa, a boy, Ryan Alexander, Monday, Aug. 29, 1994.

Saad, Montaha and Mohammed, Tampa, a girl, Rawan Mohemed, Friday, Aug. 26, 1994.

Saurez, Nora and Gilbert Garcia Jr., Ruskin, a girl, Gabriela Jolyn, Thursday, Aug. 25, 1994.

Savage, Blanca and Shawn, Dade City, a boy, Shawn Arthur Jr., Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1994.

Schwind, Stefanie, Brandon, a boy, Anthony Jaymz, Thursday, Sept. 1, 1994.

Self, Laura, Tampa, a girl, Rebel Marie, Thursday, Aug. 25, 1994.

Simmons, Kimberly and Jason Kitchens, Tampa, a girl, Katlin Ashley, Monday, Aug. 29, 1994.

Sirmons, Brigget and Calvin, Plant City, twins, Corlisha Briana and Corliss Brandon, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 1994.

Slater, Anita and Willie Edwards, Tampa, a boy, Willie Damon, Friday, Aug. 26, 1994.

Sportsman, Eloise and David, Riverview, a girl, Joceline Cheyanne, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

Taylor, Linda and Terry Cole, Plant City, a girl, Samantha Lynn, Saturday, Aug. 27, 1994.

Taylor, Stephanie and Jeffrey, Tampa, a girl, Marley Tatum Lillie, Monday, Aug. 22, 1994.

Thomas, Vanessa and Manolito, Tampa, a boy, Kenneth Darnell, Saturday, Aug. 20, 1994.

Wertman, Pamela and Travis, Thonotosassa, a boy, Nicholas Alan-Michael, Friday, Aug. 19, 1994.

White, Amy and Thomas, Tampa, a girl, Rachel Leigh, Monday, Aug. 29, 1994.

White, Angela and James, Tampa, a boy, James Earl II, Thursday, Aug. 18, 1994.

Williams, Takeisha and Arthur Poole, Tampa, a girl, Arteese Leeanna, Sunday, Aug. 21, 1994.

Williams, Tiffany, Tampa, a girl, Kayla Tashay, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 1994.


Woods-Daly, Megan and Michael, Tampa, a boy, Nicholas Michael, Thursday, July 14, 1994.


Allen, Lisa and Robert Sr., Lutz, a girl, Geena Gabriella, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Baez, Esther and Alberto Orsini Jr., Tampa, a girl, Brittany Luz, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Bahr, Jodi and George II, Tampa, a boy, Matthew Allen, Monday, Sept. 19, 1994.

Ball, Amy and Clyde, Tampa, a boy, Matthew Kyle, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Barber, Karen and Timothy, Tampa, a boy, Robert Flannigan, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Barlow, Gail and Barry, Seffner, twin girls, Ashley Lynn and Amy Marie, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Bell, Kelli and Steven, Thonotosassa, a girl, Haley Nicole, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1994.

Black, Lashawnda, Tampa, a boy, Paul Cherkasky, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1994.

Bowden, Cynthia, Tampa, a girl, Bobbi Sherrill, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Bowden, Wyndalynn, Valrico, a boy, Andrew Curtis, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1994.

Brown, Patricia and Joseph Heyward, Tampa, a boy, Joseph Leonard, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Calle, Maria and Jairo Sr., Tampa, a boy, Luis Carlos, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Chatman, Naomi and Russ, Tampa, a girl, Cassie Noveda, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Coleman, Nikki and Melvin, Tampa, a boy, Justin Dianthone, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994.

Crowder, Karen and Sheffield, Tampa, a boy, Henry Sheffield, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Dalena, Penny and John, Tampa, a girl, Megan Leigh, Thursday, Sept. 22, 1994.

Daniels, Karen and Gary, Seffner, a girl, Kristen, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Darns, Showanda and Patrick Reed, Tampa, a boy, Patrick Denard, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Davis, Diana, Tampa, a boy, Charles Elbert, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Davis, Lawanda and Tyron, Tampa, a girl, Taishayla Zhane, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Doty, Liesl and Richard, Brandon, a boy, Nicholas Alexander, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Duran, Nurys, Tampa, a girl, Naomy, Thursday, Sept. 29, 1994.

Eaves, Juanita and John, Tampa, a boy, John Michael Jr., Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Fernandez, Tanya and Louis III, Brandon, twins, Louis Oscar IV and Lia Olivia, Thursday, Sept. 29, 1994.

Foster, Tamera and Eric, Odessa, a girl, Lauren Nicole, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Gagne, Betsy and Steve, Odessa, a male, Jacob Joseph, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1994.

Garcia, Nereyda and Alberto, Tampa, a boy, Alberto Alexander, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994.

Green, Sedrika, Tampa, a girl, Yorana Tianna, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Harmon, Karen and Jerry, Brandon, a boy, Jordan Scott, Sunday, Oct. 2, 1994.

Hernandez, Diana and Ramon Giron Jr., Tampa, a girl, Yasmin Omary, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Hill, Kimberly and Jevon, Tampa, a girl, Tiana Janee, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Hoedl, Jacquelin and Tommy, Tampa, a boy, Robert Joseph, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Houser, Lenell, Tampa, a boy, Richard Dale, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Hunt, Lorraine and Paul, Land O'Lakes, a boy, Paul Austin, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Iacovino, Betty and Jason, Tampa, a girl, Katlyn Marie, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Jacobs, Amy and Ronald, Tampa, a girl, Kelsey Marie, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

King, Sharon and Michael Sr., Seffner, a girl, Kiana Michaelle, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Knight, Kayce and Terry Jr., Tampa, a girl, Desiree Michelle, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994.

Lance, Neva, Tampa, a boy, Christian Tyler, Sunday, Sept. 18, 1994.

Lane, Brenda and Earl, Tampa, a girl, Amanda Dawn, Sunday, Oct. 2, 1994.

Lewis, Nicole, Tampa, a girl, Kadera Monae, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

MacDougall, Beatrice and John, Tampa, twin boys, Tyler John and Taylor Grant, Thursday, Sept. 29, 1994.

McCarter, Debra and Robert Haire, Tampa, a boy, David Edward, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Miller, Julia and Wayde, Tampa, a girl, Stephanie Ann, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Moreno, Nancy and Luis, Tampa, a boy, Jericko, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1994.

Murphy, Wendy and Jeffrey, Tampa, a girl, Meghan Elena, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1994.

Nelson, Kathleen and Harold, Brandon, a girl, Colleen Nicole, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1994.

O'Neill, Dawn and Phelim, Tampa, a girl, Liberty Joan, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1994.

Ortiz, Denise and Luis Rivera, Tampa, a girl, Denylee, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Quinones, Luz and David, Tampa, a girl, Kristina Marie, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Renaldo, Diana and Stuart, Tampa, a girl, Morgan Jane, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Rennolds,, Amy and Edwin, Apollo Beach, a girl, Raven Mariko, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Rouse, Veronica and Aaron Young, Temple Terrace, a boy, Arron Lee, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1994.

Saladino, Carmen and Gary, Tampa, a girl, Nadine Rae, Friday, Sept. 30, 1994.

Saleh, Sharon and Farid, Odessa, a boy, Ethan Gabriel, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Salzer, Vicki, Tampa, a boy, Jordan Matthew, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Scaglione, Lucille and Larry, Lutz, a girl, Lucia Kathleen, Satuday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Sessums, Carol and Mark, Tampa, twin boys, Joshua Charles and Alexander Walker, Thursday, Sept. 15, 1994.

Simmons, Shonette, Tampa, a girl, Justice Moyia, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994.

Smith-James, Judith and Jeffrey, Lutz, a girl, Katherine Jean, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Snow, Angela, Tampa, a girl, Cassey Elizabeth, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Thomas, Paulette and Joel, Tampa, a girl, Ebony Vivienne, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Valdez, Martha and Rafael, Tampa, a girl, Nicole Marie, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994.

Valdez, Melanie, Tampa, a girl, Emily Anne Marie, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

Valdez, Rosemary and Arturo, Wimauma, a girl, Jazmine, Sunday, Oct. 2, 1994.

Valdez, Susan and Evelio Jr., Tampa, a girl, Rebecca Kelsey, Monday, Sept. 26, 1994.

Waits, Teresa and Steven, Brandon, a boy, Kevin Edward, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

Walsh, Wendy and James, Tampa, a boy, Zachary James, Friday, Sept. 16, 1994.

White, Jill and Stephen, Tampa, a girl, Emily Nicole, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994.

Worlds, Nicole and Reginol, Tampa, a boy, Joshua Aaron, Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994.

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