Elvis' pelvis censored on Ed Sullivan's show

Published Oct. 28, 1994|Updated Oct. 8, 2005

Question: Parade magazine's Intelligence Report recently stated that Elvis Presley was shown only from the waist up on TV's Jackie Gleason Stage Show, in 1956.

I think their Intelligence Report lacks a bit of intelligence. It was much later, on the Ed Sullivan Show, that Presley was filmed from the waist up. I know, I was watching.

Also, among my oldies are about a half-dozen, orange label RCA Elvis extended plays. Since these are 1960's reissues of EPs that originally came out in the '50s, I don't imagine they are worth much. Are they?

I have checked our tiny local bookseller, but there are no record price guides to be had. Where can I write for a list of reference books. _ Alice McCurdy, Fort Meade.

Dear Alice: Your assessment of Parade's Intelligence Report is accurate. Elvis made six appearances on Stage Show, two on the Milton Berle Show, one on the Steve Allen Show, and two on the Ed Sullivan Show _ all filmed head to toe.

The legendary, yet often misplaced "from the waist up" show was his third and final appearance on the Sullivan Show (Jan. 6, 1957).

Don't underestimate those not-so-old EPs. Though not nearly as elderly as black label originals, the scarcity of the orange reissues has caused their prices to skyrocket. Any of the orange label EPs can fetch as much or more as (black label) first pressings _ roughly $100 to $200.

Our company carries a complete line of record price guides and reference books. A listing is available to anyone requesting same. SASE appreciated. (Address above.)

Question: I just moved to the United States from Scotland, where we didn't have anything providing the kind of information your column does. Now maybe I can track down a song that I never could back home.

Many years ago, a country music radio program in Scotland played a song about a cat named Kalamazoo. Can you give me the particulars about this tune? (By the way, I am not confusing this song with Me and You and a Dog Named Blue.) _ John S. Dick, Harvest, Ala.

Dear John: No, but you are confusing Me and You and a Dog Named Blue with Me and You and a Dog Named Boo. (Lobo). Of course there is yet another dog song, Come on Blue (Nana Mouskouri) just to add to the confusion.

Apart from dogs named Boo and Blue, let's get back to that cat named Kalamazoo. That feline is mentioned in Della and the Dealer (Jeremiah 1000), a 1979 Top 20 C&W hit for singer-actor Hoyt Axton. A copy of this disc probably can be acquired for the price of a quick phone call back to the homeland _ about $3 to $5.

IZ ZAT SO? Where did Hoyt Axton get the name for his record label, Jeremiah? From the esteemed bullfrog, Jeremiah, who is identified right from the git-go in Three Dog Night's Joy to the World, a Hoyt Axton composition. (Oh no! Not more dogs.)

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