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Orphanages may make a comeback

Don't be surprised to hear serious proposals about bringing back the orphanage. According to the Los Angeles Times, conservatives see orphanages as a way to care for children who could otherwise be left destitute by their proposals to cut off all welfare benefits for single mothers, in the hope of discouraging illegitimacy. And some criminologists are pushing the idea as a means of removing children from surroundings that raise their risk of involvement in crime.

Disabled students need support

Placing students with disabilities in regular classrooms without support services for the children or their teachers is creating a "climate of failure." So says Mary Wagner, director of a U.S. Department of Education study on academic achievement of special education children. She found that disabled high school students who spend most of their school day in regular classrooms are more likely to fail a course than those taught primarily in special settings.

"Pat the Bunny' part of gift set

Western Publishing has packaged a three-book gift set of Dorothy and Edith Kunhardt's popular touch-and-feel books, Pat the Bunny, Pat the Cat and Pat the Puppy.

Dorothy Kunhardt's Pat the Bunny was published in 1940. The other two books were written and illustrated by her daughter, Edith. They are designed for children ages 18 months to 3 years (suggested retail price: $14.95).