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Published Oct. 8, 2005

Recent releases recommended by Times film critic Steve Persall

1 Pulp Fiction _ Quentin Tarantino's bullet-ridden bending of time, space and tastes is an immediate crime movie classic.

2 Quiz Show _ America's fascination with "watching the money" on television is probed with uncommon precision by director Robert Redford and his stellar cast.

3 I Like It Like That _ Writer/director Darnell Martin impressive debut; a bittersweet story of a Latino woman on the verge of either a breakdown or independence.

4 The River Wild _ Meryl Streep flexes her acting muscles in a white-knuckle, whitewater-rafting adventure.

5 Ed Wood _ Director Tim Burton finds a somewhat kindred spirit in his visually impressive biography of a bad filmmaker with great taste in angora sweaters.