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School Board member's departure will create a void

Editor: I would like to solicit a round of applause and send kudos to Hernando County School Board member Susan Cooper for her contributions to School Board matters. Her decision not to seek re-election will leave a "loyal opposition" void in the board.

She often would be stalwart in her position only to end up standing alone without her colleagues' support. The curt manner in which debate or discussion would be habitually shut-off on Miss Cooper was arrogant, abusive and insensitive.

One such glaring issue was on the Growing Healthy AIDS Integration curriculum for fourth and fifth grades _ 9 and 10 years of age _ several months ago. Cooper adamantly opposed the inclusion and teaching of such words as "oral sex, anal sex, vaginal intercourse, French kissing, prostitution and condoms."

She saw the need to champion this cause to protect elementary school children from these repulsive and repugnant words, and what they connote.

The curriculum was adopted by a vote of 4-1 and the course is being taught this very day. Again, Susan Cooper found herself standing alone. What a sad commentary to be made for checks and balances on the Hernando County School Board.

So to you, Susan Cooper, good luck and thanks for the integrity and courage you brought to the Hernando County School Board. You gave it the good old college try.

G. Anderson

Spring Hill

Sheriff behaved unprofessionally

Editor: Now that the dust has settled in the September judge's election, I must express my outrage regarding the conduct of Sheriff Tom Mylander. Never in my entire law enforcement career have I seen such unprofessional conduct by a law enforcement official.

Sheriff Mylander needs to look at the outcome of the judge's election only to realize that he is no longer as politically strong as he once was. The sheriff must realize that the voters of today are more enlightened about the candidates. His actions during the campaign were vindictive and very unprofessional.

Judge Peyton Hyslop was elected because the people were quite satisfied with the way he performs in his courtroom. Judge Hyslop is known throughout the community as a fair and honorable judge. For those reasons he was re-elected.

I can understand the sheriff's concern. Judge Hyslop has dismissed many of the criminal cases brought in front of him by the sheriff's deputies, but if the sheriff would step back and try to find out the reason these cases were dismissed, he may find that when you pay low salaries you get low quality.

No one can expect professional conduct when you pay amateurish salaries. When Judge Hyslop dismisses a case because of an illegal search and seizure or because the defendant was not properly told his rights, that is his job.

The sheriff's job is to make sure that errors in the arrest procedures are corrected. However, the sheriff instead tries to remove a judge, so he can assure his re-election by placing his puppet on the bench.

We can only hope the sheriff will rethink the start-up of the Hernando County Air Force and put the $900,000 toward better salaries and better training for deputies. I can assure you that if he doesn't the next sheriff will.

John Kelly


It is a matter of integrity

Editor: In response to Mrs. Guidry's Oct. 20 letter to the editor:

Mrs. Guidry, I'm sorry you only received part of the message. Possibly, had you been able to listen to the entire message, you may have reacted differently. The gist of the message is (Commissioner) Nancy Robinson's integrity.

I said that Nancy doesn't care if your taxes go up. Nancy voted to spend $225,000 on the proposed library knowing the county did not have the money to build it. She just recently responded to this in the media by saying, "This was impact fee money." The sad thing about her comment is that it's not true. The money came from the general fund. What's the difference where the money came from? It's still taxpayers' money.

Nancy approved the wording of the library referendum on the ballot. Nowhere does it say the real cost to the taxpayer, or that it will raise taxes. The cost will be $10-million over the next 30 years, not to mention the operational costs of $900,000 per year. Does this smell like another Hernando High School "black hole."

Mrs. Guidry, in an effort not to bore you and other readers, I will cut it short. My point is I have done my homework, and my message is factual. Nancy has done and said everything I have said.

Mrs. Guidry, it is not my intention to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. It is to give you a good dose of cold-hard reality. If you find this discomforting and contrary to your perception, then I have succeeded.

Perhaps you will look beyond the surface. I thank you for your opinion and hope you will continue voicing them.

Jay Rowden

Spring Hill

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