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Hillsborough High School students were asked: "Do you think students who commit violent crimes should be prosecuted as adults and why?"

Katie Carpenter, 16, "Yes, because they are old enough to know what they are doing."

Andy McNair, 16, "Definitely yes, the juvenile system doesn't work so they should try them as adults."

Lennie Fortis, 16, "They should be tried as adults, depending on what they do _ like murder, rape or armed robbery."

Ward Griffin, 16, "Yes, because if they are mature enough to commit the crime, they should take the consequences."

Joseph Foster, 16, "Yes, as an adult for violent crimes _ stealing or rape and others. But for shoplifting or robbery, try them as teens."

James Gonzalez, 17, "Yes _ if you are man enough to do violent crimes you should pay the price. If you know you won't get punished, you'll do it."