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Anthony dollars are circulating

The Susan B. Anthony dollar, generally scorned by stores, vending machines and consumers, is slowly finding its way into circulation. The annual count of coins in the Mint's vaults and those of the Federal Reserve banks shows that more than 25-million of the coins have left the vaults to enter circulation since the last count in June 1993.

The Mint's officials believe that the use of stamp vending machines in post offices, which use the coins, is the main cause for the increased flow of dollar coins.

The Anthony dollar was struck in 1979 and 1980, but the coin failed to gain acceptance because of its size (too near the quarter) and because most cash registers did not have a space for the coin.

Because pressures are building to strike a new dollar coin to replace the dollar bill, collector interest has grown gradually in the Anthony Dollars. The Mint is finding buyers for more of its three and six-coin sets, 100-coin bags and 2,000 coin bags. All are for sale over the counter in mints and sales offices.