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Games lost: 3, total 154.

Games canceled: 52.

Negotiating session: No.

Next negotiating session: Next week, no details.

More cancellations

The league, while revealing that another round of contract negotiations with the union will be held next week, confirmed more games will be canceled.

"There will be an announcement Monday on games being canceled," NHL director of hockey operations Brian Burke said Friday, the 28th day of the lockout. "If it's up to me the number will be in double digits.

The season already is down to an 80-game schedule. Burke said the date, time and place of next week's round of negotiations was being kept secret, but both sides have agreed to meet for the first time in more than a week.

Audit idea rejected

Players rejected an ownership proposal to open the season while a study is done on the league's financial health.

"Obviously and without any doubt we have no interest in their proposal," union chief Bob Goodenow said. "And we are still waiting for a reply to our request for financial data."

The NHLPA sent a fax to the NHL on Wednesday, asking for complete financial disclosure. The league replied that it would provide complete financial information if the players returned to work while the teams' books were being independently audited.

If the audit supported the NHL's claim that it lost $32-million in 1992-93 and that 13 teams were operating in the red, the players would have to live by the terms of the league's last proposal.

Hebert is honored

Anaheim goalie Guy Hebert, who led the United States to a fourth-place finish in last season's world championships in Italy, is USA Hockey's 1994 Male Athlete of the Year.

Herbert, who made 53 saves in a 3-1 victory over Russia and finished with a 4-2 record and 3.60 goals-against average, is eligible for the U.S. Olympic Committee's SportsMan of the Year Award.

Boom Boom's blast

Former NHL star Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion blames the owners for the league's labor dispute.

"You can't blame the players when the owners put themselves in this situation," Geoffrion, 64, said Thursday night before his induction into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. "The owners are just trying to get themselves out of what they put themselves in.

"How can you sign kids for millions of dollars when they haven't played a game yet? Come on. I don't blame the players. I tell them, grab and run."

Pension petition

Carl Brewer and other NHL old-timers want to do something immediately to help their oldest brethren collect pension money owed them.

There's a motion before Ontario Court to immediately increase pension checks to retired players over age 65.

"It would be a helluva a Christmas gift," said Brewer, a retired Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman. "The idea is: Let's get the money out to these guys. It's their money and always has been."

Estimates put the current value of the surplus pension money at near $45-million.

You can go home

Russia's Foreign Ministry ordered new passports for Sergei Fedorov and Alexander Mogilny, who left the Soviet Union illegally to play in America.

The move effectively pardons the pair, and clears the way for them to take part in a charity tournament in Russia next month with other Russians playing for American teams.

Authorities also said they dropped criminal charges filed against Mogilny when he left the Soviet Union in 1989 while serving in the army and playing on an army team.

Mogilny emigrated to the United States to join the Buffalo Sabres, and Fedorov left in 1990 to join the Detroit Red Wings.