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Helpful hints for house and garden

(ran HP, HS editions)

When storing summer clothes, use beach bags to organize items such as bathing suits, sandals and shorts. Bags can be hung in the back of your closest.

If you are preparing potatoes for a large crowd, save scrubbing potatoes individually . Fill up both trays in the dishwasher with spuds, set on short cycle and start dishwasher. Do not use soap.

Avoid spending too much time in the grocery store. Make a food list and categorize according to where items are located in the store. Stick to the items you have listed.

Strain broth through a paper towel in order to remove fat.

Remove odors from plastic food containers. Place a piece of charcoal or crumpled newspapers inside before putting on the lids. Store overnight.

If you have run out of coffee filters, use a white, nonfibrous sheet of paper toweling.

Remove lipstick stains from cloth napkins. Rub a small amount of shampoo into soiled areas, let sit for a half-hour, then launder as usual.

Store sweaters in a minimum amount of space. Fold in half horizontally, overlap sleeves in front and roll into a cylinder.

Rolled sweaters take up less room, and they are easier to remove when you need them.