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Readers looking for books, magazines

Published Oct. 8, 2005

We're dealing with our enormous backlog of requests by subject matter. This week we'll tackle books and magazines. Who can reunite these folks with the following books:

Gail Carlson of St. Petersburg with The Encyclopedia of Water Lilies by Charles O. Masters.

Nancy Hausheer of Safety Harbor with an autobiography of Peter Freuchen that tells the story of how he lived with the Eskimos. Her mother read it years ago, would like to read it again but cannot remember the title.

While stationed at Fort H.

B. Wright, New London, Conn., Marjorie Rhinehart of New Port Richey was given Murder on Angle Island, a book written by a WAC mother, Mrs. Reilly. Last year's No-Name Storm destroyed all her photos, clothing and so on. Of everything she lost, Marjorie would most like to replace the book.

Jane Alonso of St. Petersburg and Elves and Fairies, a collection of stories by various authors.

Doris Sweeney of Port Richey and A Children's Book of Fairy Tales. She recalls that the book was 10 by 12 inches with a red cover cover (hardback) and that it was published around 1960. One of the stories was about a selfish old woman who wouldn't share and eventually changed into a woodpecker.

Laura M. Coleman of Port Richey and Mineralogical Record, Vol. 7, 2.

Jeanne Davis of St. Petersburg and Children's Book of Poetry by Henry I. Coates, published by Porter and Ed Coates, Philadelphia, 1879.

Janet Kalmadge of Brandon and Words Eternal, published in 1962 by Ideals and illustrated by Kate K. Ball.

Sandy Oestreich of North Redington Beach and a hardcover edition, new or used, of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, published in 1963.

Mrs. Rikki Dymek and Ryzon Baking Book by General Chemical Co., published between 1913 and 1924.

Mrs. Irene Hermling of Spring Hill and To Thine Own Self Be True.

Frances Carfaro Gomez of Treasure Island and Ruffian, Queen of the Fillies.

Marion R. Trager of Spring Hill and Watch for Evil, a story about the sponge divers of Tarpon Springs by Carol Keen.

Thelma Clark and a book about the myths of dieting that she thinks she saw advertised in the Times several months ago.

Belva Green of Holiday with Die Kaemme Aller Zeiten von der Steinheit bis zur Gegenwart (The Combs of All Times) by Ferdinand Winter (tri-lingual); History of the Feminine Costume of the World by Paul Louis Giafferri; Combs, Ornamental Hairpins and Bodkins: selected from the collection of Miss Chiyo Okazaki by Akiko Murakata (bi-lingual); Japanese Coiffure, Board of Tourist Industry, No. 28, Japanese Government Railways; A History of Jewels & Jewellery by Ingrid Kuntzsch, and Himalayan Journals by Joseph Dalton Hooker, M.D. (Readers, Belva collects antique and ancient fancy combs.)