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State attorneys endorse Bush

Published Oct. 8, 2005

Five Florida state attorneys and former U.S. Attorney William P. Barr endorsed Republican Jeb Bush on Friday. Barr said he believes Bush's plan for speeding up the execution of inmates on death row is "a workable and effective response to a judicial system that is approaching gridlock." State Attorneys Bernie McCabe, Willie Meggs, Bruce Colton, Earl Moreland and Norm Wolfinger signed letters supporting Bush's plan for making all criminals serve 85 percent of their sentences. Seven of the state's 20 state attorneys have endorsed Chiles as the two candidates battle for endorsements within the criminal justice system.

Tax Cap Committee files suit

The Tax Cap Committee has asked the Federal District Court to order state officials to restore the Voter Approval of New Taxes constitutional amendment to the November general election ballot. The committee filed suit Thursday after the Florida Supreme Court failed to act on a previous suit asking for a rehearing of the high court decision striking the Voter Approval measure from the ballot. Tax Cap also asked the court to correct minor flaws in the ballot language. Tax Cap's Proposition 4, to limit government revenue amendments that deal with multiple subjects, remains on the November ballot.

Construction group favors Bush

Associated Builders and Contractors, a construction industry trade association, has endorsed Jeb Bush in the race for governor. "Our greatest special interest is in the health and welfare of our community and the philosophical role of small business to the success of our country," wrote Dan Shaw, executive vice president of the Florida group.

It's a big year for voters

A record number of Floridians _ 6.55-million _ are registered to vote in the Nov. 8 general election, state officials said Friday. About two-thirds of the state's 9.9-million residents old enough to vote this year are registered to exercise that right.

Democrats warned about records

State elections officials warned the Democratic Party on Friday that they are going to scrutinize the party's sloppy record-keeping of in-kind contributions such as direct mail, research and polling. Lynda Russell, executive director of the Democratic Party, said the party had asked officials to clarify procedures for reporting such contributions because of "confusion and frustration."over the rules.

Democrats fire back over ads

Democratic leaders Friday accused Republicans of violating elections law in airing a blistering TV ad campaign against Democrats running for the state Cabinet. In one ad, the GOP attacks Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford, Education Commissioner Doug Jamerson and secretary of state candidate Ron Saunders. The ad urges viewers to vote Republican while never mentioning the names of the GOP challengers.