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Under our very noses

Just when we thought we'd cleaned up on sources for outdoor mats made of old tires, in comes information on a local store that carries them. A reader alerts us that True Value Hardware on Main Street in Dunedin carries them for $10. Another reader has found them at her local Ace Hardware store. So you might want to call your local hardware store before resorting to the mail.

Linda K. Phillips of Tampa recently requested help with a problem she is having with white laundry turning yellow. Mrs. W.

B. Crane of Spring Hill offers this. "Stains could be the result of iron in the water. Wash stained clothes in white distilled vinegar. Depending on the stain, use half-gallon to one gallon in full washer. I had the same trouble until a laundry man told me the cause of the stains."

Joan M. Montgomery's search for a product called Ready Etch that she saw advertised on TV has brought in several responses. Corinne Soper of Pinellas Park has found it at Craft Depot in the Bay Area Outlet Mall and at Enterprise Art, 2860 Roosevelt Blvd., both in Clearwater. She also suggested contacting Craft King Discount Craft Supply, P.O. Box 90637, Lakeland 33804, (800) 769-9494. Mrs. Marge Okvist of Homosassa sent in the name of Eastern Art Glass, P.O. Box 341, Wyckoff, NJ 07481, (201) 447-5476, and Jean Grastorf steered us to Sax Arts and Crafts, P.O. Box 51710, New Berlin, WI 53151, (800) 323-0388. Both carry a product called Armour Etch. We called Eastern Art and found out the following: Armour Etch is designed to be used on small areas of glass only. So, Joan, if you decide to try Armour Etch, be advised that it is not recommended for use on the whole pane.

Janet F. Savaia of Cobwebs Antiques in Seminole, a careful reader of the column, has noticed that many Exchangers are looking for "old" things. "I am always amazed that they are never directed to browse some of the wonderful antique shops in the area (mine included!)" she writes. Janet continues that they carry "everything from hankies and teacups, books, records, postcards, clocks and miscellaneous to large pieces of furniture. . . Antique shops have come a long way from the dusty, dirty junk shops of yesterday." So take note, readers, and don't forget that the search is often as much fun as finding the item you're looking for.

Norma Madsen of Spring Hill, prepare the members of your organization for a knitting marathon. A number of readers have sent patterns for making hats and booties for newborn babies. We're forwarding them to you. Christine Handing of St. Petersburg added a note that fingering yarn is the same as baby yarn. Mrs. Charlene M. Seimes of Brooksville writes that hats and booties are a great way to use up leftover baby yarn.

We have good news for Mavis Jolin of Spring Hill, who was looking for tapes of the Carpenters that she saw advertised on TV several years ago. Frank W. Russell of Spring Hill and Connie Thomas of Clearwater both sent in the name of Heartland Music, 605 S Douglas St., Box 1034, El Segundo, CA 90245, (800) 788-2400. We called, and Heartland Music does indeed advertise on TV as well as in several publications. Their collections are not available in retail stores. Call for a catalog. And yes, the tapes you were looking for (item HC2061E) are still available, Mavis.

Christmas requests

Some quick Christmas requests. Mrs. Doris Gehring of Dunedin is looking for an ornament that was available in the '50s. It was a round filigree ball that emitted a sound like birds tweeting. She thinks it may have run on a battery but is not sure.

Marie Tohmfor of Dunedin is looking for a copy of a TV cartoon. "During the late 1970s, my children's favorite Christmas TV cartoon featured Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Mother Nature, and her two sons (Heatmeiser and Coldmeiser). We'd love to see it again this year."

Dorothea H. Schwartz of Pinellas Park is looking for someone to make a scrapbook out of cat pictures that she has collected for several years. "My granddaughter loves cats, and this would be the best Xmas present I could give her."

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