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Aesthetic disaster rears its head in proposed beach tower

The architect's rendering of the tower/restaurant proposed for the pier area of Clearwater Beach indicates that an aesthetic disaster may be visited upon our more-or-less fair city.

The entire idea must be rejected. We needn't become Dizzy Whirl West to attract the visitors who seek the advantages traditionally offered by our low-key beach community.

"Just say no" is an appropriate slogan here. The tower would be comparable to fresh dog droppings in the middle of your sidewalk, multiplied infinitely.

This proposed monstrosity is economically feasible only for the developers. Analysis of the drawing indicates a 470-foot tower topped by a two-story, hexagonal restaurant plus a 70-foot spike. I measure and calculate less than 6,000 square feet of total floor space for the restaurant. At a cost of $25-million (you know it will cost more) amortized over 40 years at a very conservative 9 percent, monthly amortization expense will be about $193,000, or more than $32 per square foot per month.

Any restaurateur will affirm the impossibility of generating that amount of revenue with what's drawn, plus market-price land lease, sky-high maintenance, repair, payroll, taxes etc., etc.

It will be another embarrassing failure for our city. If it is built, let's call it "The Thundertower" and make the owner place enough money in escrow to tear it down, cart it off and re-landscape upon bankruptcy.

Bud Tritschler