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College athletes deserve better compensation

Pat Dye is responsible for Auburn being on probation and gets a $1-million settlement, plus retires and gets $6,000 per month. Bob Goin is fired for ethics violations and gets a $300,000 settlement. College football players, risking serious injury, get sneakers and sweats and wind up vilified and on suspension.

Is this a great country or what?

_ Larry Brooks, Tampa

In defense of Gators

Regarding the comments written by Eugene A. Libertucci (Oct. 22 Sports Forum), the University of Florida did not change logos to psychologically help the football team and make it a success. The football team is already a success. We were ranked No. 1 for almost two months and we lost to a very good Auburn team.

Secondly, Steve Spurrier never said he is better than the fans. Coach Spurrier knows how important all Gator fans are to the team and to the university.

Steve Spurrier can't win the big one? How about the 1994 Sugar Bowl. The 1993 SEC title game? The 1991 FSU game? How about shutting out Tennessee on its home field?

Bobby Bowden is the coach who can't win the big game. I'll put my money on Steve Spurrier.

_ Robert D. McLean, Gainesville

Arkansas among elite

I just read with amazement Kenneth W. Davis' comments (Oct. 22 Sports Forum) about the two "weak sisters" admitted by the Southeastern Conference, Arkansas and South Carolina. I, as a lifelong Razorback, say Mr. Davis is severely uninformed.

As for our football program, it is ranked 13th in the All-Time Associated Press Top 20, behind Alabama (4), Tennessee (9) and LSU (12) and ahead of Auburn (14), Georgia (15) and Mississippi (20). Although last year we were rebuilding under Danny Ford, we went 5-5-1 and missed a bowl invitation because of a missed extra point.

Also in 1993 we produced four NCAA national championships _ in basketball, indoor track, cross country and outdoor track. From top to bottom, in all sports, the SEC is competitive and is probably one of the toughest league championships to win.

_ Charles Cato, Seminole

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