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Dignity returned to the court

Mark Yerman

Citrus County Judge

appreciate your acknowledgement that I am a dutiful and fair judge and that I have done an exceptional job of "cleaning up the mess."

To rejoin your article of Oct. 26, character is an attribute that is best demonstrated during adversity. No one would disagree that our county court was under adversity during the time that the prior judge was removed.

When the vacancy occurred, numerous attorneys from around the state applied for the job of returning the people's confidence in the court. I was chosen as the most qualified. Since that time, I have used my extensive experience to deliver fair and impartial justice. As a result, respect and dignity returned to the court.

In the process, I brought significant improvements to the court, including the Volunteer Mediator Program, telephonic hearings, consolidated jury selection, "pay or stay" misdemeanor penalties and first-appearance via video link. All were designed to provide the public with a better functioning court at no cost. This and more was accomplished in less than a year.

I trust that the people of Citrus County appreciate the advances that I brought to the court. I trust that they appreciate the courage, control and common sense that I demonstrated in returning their court to them.