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From the "life's not fair' file

American Journal reported that Fawn Hall, undergoing treatment for cocaine addiction, is pretty sore at Oliver North for abandoning her. "He never calls, he never writes," says reporter Chuck Conconi. "Here's a woman who shredded documents... who was incredibly loyal... and yet (he) never said, "thank you.' "

Meanwhile, cover girl Cindy Crawford writes in the latest Cosmo that she went back to her 10-year high school reunion with a crew from MTV "to get clips for my show House of Style." At first, she said, the crew made the other grads nervous; after a while, however, they relaxed.

What really seems to have gotten Crawford's goat was that she wasn't the only one who thought of using the event to make a profit.

"A few people did scummy things, like giving interviews for the Chicago news and selling pictures to the tabloids. That's the sort of thing that makes me not want to go back."