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Tips on taking care of your mohair

Mohair, those fuzzy, ultra-feminine sweaters, beckon from catalog pages and store displays, causing women who know better to succumb.

And, in some cases, sneeze.

"If you're allergic to wool, you're probably allergic to mohair because it's an animal fiber," says Madeline Daddiego, promotion director for the Mohair Council of America.

If you're not allergic, but have sensitive skin and find mohair itchy, Daddiego suggests you wear a cotton T-shirt under your sweater.

Some other tips for mohair care from Daddiego:

If shedding is a problem, toss the culprit in your dryer on an air fluff cycle with no heat for 10 to 15 minutes. That should pull out loose hairs and stop shedding.

If your sweater looks matted, shake it to fluff it up or brush it lightly with a natural bristle brush.

Avoid spraying perfume on mohair because it will stain and discolor it.

Mohair can be hand-washed and blocked, but dry cleaning is safest. Check the label for care instructions because most mohair is blended and that determines cleaning methods.