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At week's end, few clues to carjacking

Searchers on horseback scoured woods and red clay fields Sunday in the search for two missing boys after several thousand deer hunters turned up nothing.

"Not a lot has changed," Union County Sheriff Howard Wells said, five days after the boys' mother reported they were taken by a man who commandeered her car, then ordered her out at gunpoint.

Searchers on foot covered part of the same area last week.

Several tips came in after the TV show America's Most Wanted featured the case Saturday, but those leads and new reports of sightings as far away as Newport News, Va., yielded no evidence, police said.

Salvation Army top fund-raiser

WASHINGTON _ The Salvation Army raised more money in private contributions last year than any other charity in America, nearly $683-million. Second-place American Red Cross raised nearly $536-million.

In its annual Philanthropy 400 listing, the biweekly Chronicle of Philanthropy found that giving to large organizations rose about 4 percent, the same as in 1992.

Second Harvest, the national network that supplies food banks across the country, ranked third at $431-million _ most of it in donations of food.

The United Jewish Appeal was fourth with $408-million, followed by YMCA of the USA, $361-million; American Cancer Society, $359-million; Catholic Charities USA, $344-million; American Heart Association, $240-million; YWCA of the USA $240-million; and, Public Broadcasting Service, $230-million.

Report: Violent crimes up in '93

WASHINGTON _ Violent crimes such as assaults and robberies increased more than three times faster last year than crime overall, the Justice Department said Sunday.

Violent crimes rose 5.6 percent in 1993 to 10.9-million, according to the annual National Crime Victimization Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The total number of personal and household crimes _ about 43.6-million _ edged up 1.7 percent from 1992, it said.

The survey interviewed 100,000 Americans and estimated totals based on those contacts.