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Guavaween still looks good the morning after

A day after 60,000 revelers traipsed through Ybor City streets for Guavaween festivities, things were relatively clean and quiet again Sunday.

Workers descended on Seventh Avenue and surrounding streets at 6 a.m. Sunday to pick up beer bottles and trash and to sweep streets and sidewalks.

Though exact numbers weren't expected until today, CC Event Productions, which organized this year's event, was happy with the results.

"Guavaween was fantastic. It was a great, safe, enjoyable event," said Charles Cox, president of CC Event Productions. "I want to emphasize "safe' because there wasn't one incident."

Unlike past years, Tampa police reported no serious disturbances or arrests as a result of the street party.

Rain in the early hours of the event threatened to wash out the 10th annual street party, but by 6:30 p.m., clear skies appeared.

"The rain discouraged a few people," said Cookie Ellis, executive director of the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce. "But all in all, I heard people say this was the best attended so far."

After losing thousands of dollars on previous Guavaweens, the chamber decided to turn the event over to a professional promoter.

For the first time, patrons were charged a $5 admission fee. Should the event make money, a percentage of the profits will go back to the chamber.